Presentations and Authors

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General Conference Full Paper

Comparing Air Mission Routes from a Combat Survival Perspective PDF
Tina Erlandsson, Lars Niklasson

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Novel Curve Signatures and a Combination Method for Thai On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition PDF
Ekawat Chaowicharat, Nick Cercone, Kanlaya Naruedomkul
A Study of Probabilistic and Algebraic Methods for Semantic Similarity PDF
Vasile Rus, Nobal Bikram Niraula, Rajendra Banjade

Data Mining Special Track

Classification Performance of Rank Aggregation Techniques for Ensemble Gene Selection PDF
David J. Dittman, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Randall Wald, Amri Napolitano
Context-Driven Image Annotation Using ImageNet PDF
George E. Noel, Gilbert L. Peterson
Stochastic Aware Random Forests - A Variation Less Impacted by Randomness PDF
Paulo Fernandes, Lucelene Lopes, Silvio Normey, Duncan Ruiz

Intelligent Tutoring System Special Track

Added Teacher-Created Motiational Video to an ITS PDF
Kim M. Kelly, Neil Heffernan, Sidney D'Mello, Jeffrey Namais, Amber Chauncey Strain

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

A Temporal Logic for Planning under Uncertainty PDF
Manuel Biscaia, Pedro Baltazar, Paulo Mateus, Rajagopal Nagarajan