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General Conference Full Paper

Knowledge Sharing Through Agent Migration with Multi-Population Cultural Algorithm PDF
Andrew William Hlynka, Ziad Kobti
Learning Social Calculus with Genetic Programing PDF
Saad Ahmad Khan, Jonathan Streater, Tarajeet Singh Bhatia, Steve Fiore, Ladislau Boloni
Effects of Social Inhibition on Selection of Artifact Capabilities PDF
Felicitas Mokom, Ziad Kobti
Top-Down Executive Control Drives Reticular-Thalamic Inhibition and Relays Cortical Information in a Large-Scale Neurocognitive Model PDF
Matthew E. Phillips, Michael C. Avery, Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Rajan Bhattacharyya
A Fuzzy Logic Computational Model for Emotion Regulation Based on Gross PDF
Ahmad Soleimani, Ziad Kobti

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Automatic Detection of Nominal Entities in Speech for Enriched Content Search PDF
Ricardo A. Calix, Leili Javadpout, Mehdi Khazaeli, Gerald M. Knapp
Automated Non-Content Word List Generation Using hLDA PDF
Wayne Krug, Marc T. Tomlinson

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Special Track

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security PDF
Gerald M. Knapp, Ricardo A. Calix, Mehdi Khazaeli, Leili Javadpour

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Semantics, Computational Linguistics and Logics Special Track

Exploiting Maching Learning for Automatic Semantic Feature Assignment PDF
Karel Bilek, Natalia Klyueva, Vladislav Kubon

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Special Track

Towards an Expressive Embodied Conversational Agent Utilizing Multi-Ethnicity to Augment Solution Focused Therapy PDF
Mark Allison, Lynn Marie Kendrick
A Multi-Label Classification Approach for Coding Cancer Information Service Chat Transcripts PDF
Anthony Rios, Robin Vanderpool, Pam Shaw, Ramakanth Kavuluru
Ensemble Gene Selection Versus Single Gene Selection: Which Is Better? PDF
Randall Wald, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, David J. Dittman

Data Mining Special Track

Classification Performance of Rank Aggregation Techniques for Ensemble Gene Selection PDF
David J. Dittman, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Randall Wald, Amri Napolitano
Exploiting Topical Perceptions over Multi-Lingual Text for Hashtag Suggestion on Twitter PDF
Amara Tariq, Asim Karim, Fernando Gomez, Hassan Foroosh

Intelligent Tutoring System Special Track

Added Teacher-Created Motiational Video to an ITS PDF
Kim M. Kelly, Neil Heffernan, Sidney D'Mello, Jeffrey Namais, Amber Chauncey Strain
Does Immediate Feedback While Doing Homework Improve Learning? PDF
Paul Kehrer, Kim Kelly, Neil Heffernan

Robotics Special Track

Deciding like Humans Do PDF
Jens Hoefinghoff, Laura Hoffmann, Nicole Kraemer, Josef Pauli

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning PDF
Christoph Beierle, Souhila Kaci
Monotonic and Nonmonotonic Inference for Abstract Argumentation PDF
Richard Booth, Souhila Kaci, Tjitze Rienstra, Leendert van der Torre
Compiling Preference Queries in Qualitative Constraint Problems PDF
Jean-Fran├žois Condotta, Souhila Kaci
Intensional Combination of Rankings for OCF-Networks PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Christian Eichhorn