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Invited Speakers

Invited Talk Abstracts PDF
Ayanna Howard, David Johnson, Cristina Conati, Frederick W. Chen, Nikolaj Bjorner
Robots Learn to Play: Robots Emerging Role in Pediatric Therapy PDF
Ayanna Howard

General Conference Full Paper

Knowledge Sharing Through Agent Migration with Multi-Population Cultural Algorithm PDF
Andrew William Hlynka, Ziad Kobti
Learning Individualized Facial Expressions in an Avatar with PSO and Tabu Search PDF
Evan Husk, Avelino J. Gonzalez, Sumanta Pattanaik
Learning Policies in Partially Observable MDPs with Abstract Actions Using Value Iteration PDF
Hamed Janzadeh, Manfred Huber
A Computationally Efficient System for High-Performance Multi-Document Summarization PDF
Sean Sovine, Hyoil Han

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Using an Automatically Generated Dictionary and a Classifier to Identify a Person's Profession in Tweets PDF
Abe Cezar Hall, Fernando Gomez

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Special Track

ICA Analysis of Face Color for Health Applications PDF
Roger Su, Timothy Michael Dockins, Manfred Huber

Data Mining Special Track

A Hybrid Global-Local Approach for Hierarchical Classification PDF
Julio Noe Hernandez, Luis Enrique Sucar, Eduardo F. Morales

Intelligent Tutoring System Special Track

Added Teacher-Created Motiational Video to an ITS PDF
Kim M. Kelly, Neil Heffernan, Sidney D'Mello, Jeffrey Namais, Amber Chauncey Strain
Applying Clustering to the Problem of Predicting Retention within an ITS: Comparing Regularity Clustering with Traditional Methods PDF
Fei Song, Shubhendu Trivedi, Yutao Wang, Gabor Sarkozy, Neil Heffernan
Does Immediate Feedback While Doing Homework Improve Learning? PDF
Paul Kehrer, Kim Kelly, Neil Heffernan

Robotics Special Track

Deciding like Humans Do PDF
Jens Hoefinghoff, Laura Hoffmann, Nicole Kraemer, Josef Pauli