AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fourth International FLAIRS Conference

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Reasoning with Annotations of Texts
Yue Ma, François Lévy, Sudeep Ghimire

Last modified: 2011-03-20


Linguistic and semantic annotations are important features for text-based applications. However, achieving and maintaining a good quality of a set of annotations is known to be a complex task. Many ad hoc approaches have been developed to produce various types of annotations, while comparing those annotations to improve their quality is still rare. In this paper, we propose a framework in which both linguistic and domain information can cooperate to reason with annotations. The underlying knowledge representation issues are carefully analyzed and solved by studying a higher order logic, which accounts for the cooperation of different sorts of knowledge. Our prototype implements this logic based on a reduction to classical description logics by preserving the semantics, allowing us to benefit from cutting-edge Semantic Web reasoners. An application scenario shows interesting merits of this framework on reasoning with annotations of texts.

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