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Yang, Yingxiang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yang, Yingzhen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yang, Yiwei, University of Michigan
Yang, Yong-Liang, University of Bath
Yang, Yongjian, Jilin Univerisity
Yang, Yongjie, Saarland University
Yang, Yongxin, Queen Mary, University of London
Yang, Yongxin, Queen Mary University of London
Yang, Yu, University of Science and Technology of China
Yang, Yu, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Yang, Yu-Ting, Georgia Institute of Technology
Yang, Yuekui, Tencent
Yang, Yujiu, Tsinghua University
Yang, Yunlun, Peking University
Yang, Zheng, Zhejiang University
Yang, Zhenglu, The University of Tokyo
Yang, Zhenglu, Nankai University (China)
Yang, Zhenheng, University of Southern California
Yang, Zhenpei, University of Texas at Austin
Yang, Zhi, Peking University
Yang, Zhihui, GE Global Research Center
Yang, Zhilin, Carnegie Mellon University
Yang, Zhiyong, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Yang, Zhun, Arizona State University
Yang, Zuozhi, Gettysburg College

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