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Preface PDF
Amedeo Cesta, Daniel Borrajo
Sponsors PDF
Amedeo Cesta, Daniel Borrajo
Conference Organization PDF
Amedeo Cesta, Daniel Borrajo

Long Papers

From Abstract Crisis to Concrete Relief — A Preliminary Report on Combining State Abstraction and HTN Planning PDF
Susanne Biundo, Bernd Schattenberg
Flexible Integration of Planning and Information Gathering PDF
David Camacho, Daniel Borrajo, José M. Molina, Ricardo Aler
Improvements to SAT-Based Conformant Planning PDF
Claudio Castellini, Enrico Giunchiglia, Armando Tacchella
On the Adequacy of Hierarchical Planning Characteristics for Real-World Problem Solving PDF
Luis Castillo, Juan Fdez-Olivares, Antonio González
Using Abstraction in Planning and Scheduling PDF
Bradley Jefferson Clement, Anthony C. Barrett, Gregg R. Rabideau, Edmund H. Durfee
Slack-Based Techniques for Robust Schedules PDF
Andrew Davenport, Christophe Gefflot, Chris Beck
Improved Integer Programming Models and Heuristic Search for AI Planning PDF
Yannis Dimopoulos
Sapa: A Domain-Independent Heuristic Metric Temporal Planner PDF
Minh Do, Subbarao Kambhampati
Multi-Agent Coordination Off-Line: Structure and Complexity PDF
Carmel Domshlak, Yefim Dinitz
Dynamic Schedule Management: Lessons from the Air Campaign Planning Domain PDF
Brian Drabble, Najam-ul Haq
Planning with Pattern Databases PDF
Stefan Edelkamp
The DATA-CHASER and Citizen Explorer Benchmark Problem Sets PDF
Barbara Engelhardt, Steve Chien, Anthony Barrett, Jason Willis, Colette Wilklow
Approximate Planning for Factored POMDPs PDF
Zhengzhu Feng, Eric A. Hansen
Heuristic Planning with Time and Resources PDF
Patrik Haslum, Hector Geffner
The Operational Traffic Control Problem: Computational Complexity and Solutions PDF
Wolfgang Hatzack, Bernhard Nebel
On the Complexity of Planning in Transportation Domains PDF
Malte Helmert
RIFO Revisited: Detecting Relaxed Irrelevance PDF
Joerg Hoffmann, Bernhard Nebel
OBDD-Based Optimistic and Strong Cyclic Adversarial Planning PDF
Rune Møller Jensen, Manuela M. Veloso, Michael H. Bowling
Algorithms for Propagating Resource Constraints in AI Planning and Scheduling: Existing Approaches and New Results PDF
Philippe Laborie
Integrating Planning and Scheduling through Adaptation of Resource Intensity Estimates PDF
Karen Myers, Stephen F. Smith, David W. Hildum, Peter A. Jarvis, Raymond de Lacaze
Constraint-Based Strategies for the Disjunctive Temporal Problem: Some New Results PDF
Angelo Oddi
Symbolic Techniques for Planning with Extended Goals in Non-Deterministic Domains PDF
Marco Pistore, Renato Bettin, Paolo Traverso
On the Extraction, Ordering, and Usage of Landmarks in Planning PDF
Julie Porteous, Laura Sebastia, Joerg Hoffmann
A Forward Search Planning Algorith with a Goal Ordering Heuristic PDF
Igor Razgon, Ronen Brafman
Using Reactive Rules to Guide a Forward-Chaining Planner PDF
Murray Shanahan
Supply Restoration in Power Distribution Systems — A Benchmark for Planning under Uncertainty PDF
Sylvie Thiebaux, Marie-Odile Cordier
An Extended Functional Representation in Temporal Planning: Towards Continuous Change PDF
Romain Trinquart, Malik Ghallab
Combining Progression and Regression in State-Space Heuristic Planning PDF
Dimitris Vrakas, Ioannis Vlahavas
Toward an Understanding of Local Search Cost in Job-Shop Scheduling PDF
Jean-Paul Watson, Chris Beck, Adele Howe, Darrell Whitley
Solving Informative Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes PDF
Nevin L. Zhang, Weihong Zhang

Short Papers

Generating Hard Satisfiable Scheduling Instances PDF
Josep Argelich, Ramón Béjar, Alba Cabiscol, Cèsar Fernández, Felip Manyà, Carla Gomes
Learning Robot Action Plans for Controlling Continuous, Percept-Driven Behavior PDF
Michael Beetz, Thorsten Belker
Reinforcement Learning for Weakly-Coupled MDPs and an Application to Planetary Rover Control PDF
Daniel S. Bernstein, Shlomo Zilberstein
Conditional Planning under Partial Observability as Heuristic-Symbolic Search in Belief Space PDF
Piergiorgio Bertoli, Alessandro Cimatti, Marco Roveri
Beyond Plan Length: Heuristic Search Planning for Maximum Reward Problems PDF
Jason Farquhar, Chris Harris
Combining Two Fast-Learning Real-Time Search Algorithms Yields Even Faster Learning PDF
David Furcy, Sven Koenig
Time-Optimal Planning in Temporal Problems PDF
Antonio Garrido, Eva Onaindia, Federico Barber
Randomization and Restarts in Proof Planning PDF
Andreas Meier, Carla P. Gomes, Erica Melis
Modeling Clairvoyance and Constraints in Real-Time Scheduling PDF
K. Subramani
Flexible Dispatch of Disjunctive Plans PDF
Ioannis Tsamardinos, Martha E. Pollack, Philip Ganchev
Optimising Plans Using Genetic Programming PDF
C. Henrik Westerberg, John Levine

Demonstration Papers

An Integrated Planning and Scheduling Prototype for Automated Mars Rover Command Generation PDF
Robert Sherwood, Andrew Mishkin, Steve Chien, Tara Estlin, Paul Backes, Brian Cooper, Gregg Rabideau, Barbara Engelhardt
A Demonstration of Robust Planning and Scheduling in the Techsat-21 Autonomous Sciencecraft Constellation PDF
Steve Chien, Rob Sherwood, Michael Burl, Russell Knight, Gregg Rabideau, Barbara Engelhardt, Ashley Davies, Paul Zetocha, Ross Wainright, Pete Klupar, Pat Cappelaere, Derek Surka, Brian Williams, Ronald Greeley, Victor Baker, James Doan
DISCOPLAN: An Efficient On-Line System for Computing Planning Domain Invariants PDF
Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Lenhart Schubert
CODA: Coordinating Human Planners PDF
Karen Myers, Peter A. Jarvis, Thomas D. Lee
GIPO: An Integrated Graphical Tool to Support Knowledge Engineering in AI Planning PDF
Ron M. Simpson, T. Lee McCluskey, Weihong Zhao, Ruth S. Aylett, Christophe Doniat