AAAI Publications, Sixth European Conference on Planning

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A Demonstration of Robust Planning and Scheduling in the Techsat-21 Autonomous Sciencecraft Constellation
Steve Chien, Rob Sherwood, Michael Burl, Russell Knight, Gregg Rabideau, Barbara Engelhardt, Ashley Davies, Paul Zetocha, Ross Wainright, Pete Klupar, Pat Cappelaere, Derek Surka, Brian Williams, Ronald Greeley, Victor Baker, James Doan

Last modified: 2014-05-21


The demonstration (ASC) will fly onboard the Air Force’s TechSat-21 constellation (an unclassified mission scheduled for launch in 2004). ASC will use onboard science analysis, replanning, robust execution, model-based estimation and control, and formation flying to radically increase science return by enabling intelligent downlink selection and autonomous retargeting. Demonstration of these capabilities in a flight environment will open up tremendous new opportunities in planetary science, space physics, and earth science that would be unreachable without this technology. We offer a demonstration of the planning, scheduling, and execution framework for this application.


space autonomy

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