Presentations and Authors

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Full Oral Papers

Evolutionary MCTS with Flexible Search Horizon PDF
Hendrik Baier, Peter I. Cowling
GIGL: A Domain Specific Language for Procedural Content Generation with Grammatical Representations PDF
Tiannan Chen, Stephen J. Guy
POMCP with Human Preferences in Settlers of Catan PDF
Mihai S. Dobre, Alex Lascarides
Keeping the Story Straight: A Comparison of Commitment Strategies for a Social Deduction Game PDF
Markus Eger, Chris Martens
Automated Game Design via Conceptual Expansion PDF
Matthew Guzdial, Mark Riedl
CatSAT: A Practical, Embedded, SAT Language for Runtime PCG PDF
Ian Douglas Horswill
Postmortem: MKULTRA, An Experimental AI-Based Game PDF
Ian Douglas Horswill
Player Experience Extraction from Gameplay Video PDF
Zijin Luo, Matthew Guzdial, Nicholas Liao, Mark Riedl
Improbotics: Exploring the Imitation Game Using Machine Intelligence in Improvised Theatre PDF
Kory W. Mathewson, Piotr Mirowski
Nested-Greedy Search for Adversarial Real-Time Games PDF
Rubens O. Moraes, Julian R. H. Mariño, Levi H. S. Lelis
Action Abstractions for Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit Tree Search PDF
Rubens O. Moraes, Julian R. H. Mariño, Levi H. S. Lelis, Mario A. Nascimento
Evolving Behaviors for an Interactive Cube-Based Artifact PDF
Victor M. Oliveira, Hugo A. D. do Nascimento, Fabrizzio A. A. M. N. Soares, Cleomar S. Rocha
Exploratory Automated Analysis of Structural Features of Interactive Narrative PDF
Nathan Partlan, Elin Carstensdottir, Sam Snodgrass, Erica Kleinman, Gillian Smith, Casper Harteveld, Magy Seif El-Nasr
Predicting Generated Story Quality with Quantitative Measures PDF
Christopher Purdy, Xinyu Wang, Larry He, Mark Riedl
Matrix and Tensor Factorization Based Game Content Recommender Systems: A Bottom-Up Architecture and a Comparative Online Evaluation PDF
Rafet Sifa, Raheel Yawar, Rajkumar Ramamurthy, Christian Bauckhage
Exhaustive and Semi-Exhaustive Procedural Content Generation PDF
Nathan R. Sturtevant, Matheus Jun Ota
Expanding Expressive Range: Evaluation Methodologies for Procedural Content Generation PDF
Adam Summerville
Gemini: Bidirectional Generation and Analysis of Games via ASP PDF
Adam Summerville, Chris Martens, Ben Samuel, Joseph Osborn, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Michael Mateas
Toward a Unified Understanding of Experience Management PDF
David Thue, Vadim Bulitko

Poster Papers

Talin: A Framework for Dynamic Tutorials Based on the Skill Atoms Theory PDF
Batu Aytemiz, Isaac Karth, Jesse Harder, Adam M. Smith, Jim Whitehead
A Design Pattern Approach for Multi-Game Level Generation PDF
Spencer Beaupre, Thomas Wiles, Sean Briggs, Gillian Smith
Like a DNA String: Sequence-Based Player Profiling in Tom Clancy’s The Division PDF
Alessandro Canossa, Sasha Makarovych, Julian Togelius, Anders Drachenn
Exploring Gameplay With AI Agents PDF
Fernando De Mesentier Silva, Igor Borovikov, John Kolen, Navid Aghdaie, Kazi Zaman
A Monte Carlo Approach to Skill-Based Automated Playtesting PDF
Britton Horn, Josh Aaron Miller, Gillian Smith, Seth Cooper
Tracing Player Knowledge in a Parallel Programming Educational Game PDF
Pavan Kantharaju, Katelyn Alderfer, Jichen Zhu, Bruce Char, Brian Smith, Santiago Ontanon
Modeling Player Experience with the N-Tuple Bandit Evolutionary Algorithm PDF
Kamolwan Kunanusont, Simon Mark Lucas, Diego Pérez-Liébana
Modular Architecture for StarCraft II with Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Dennis Lee, Haoran Tang, Jeffrey O. Zhang, Huazhe Xu, Trevor Darrell, Pieter Abbeel
CADI — A Conversational Assistive Design Interface for Discovering Pong Variants PDF
Afshin Mobramaein, Morteza Behrooz, Jim Whitehead
A Hybrid Approach to Planning and Execution in Dynamic Environments Through Hierarchical Task Networks and Behavior Trees PDF
Xenija Neufeld, Sanaz Mostaghim, Sandy Brand
A User Study on Learning from Human Demonstration PDF
Brandon Packard, Santiago Ontanon
Modeling Player Engagement with Bayesian Hierarchical Models PDF
Robert Sawyer, Jonathan Rowe, Roger Azevedo, James Lester
Combining Intentionality and Belief: Revisiting Believable Character Plans PDF
Alireza Shirvani, Rachelyn Farrell, Stephen G. Ware
Engaging Turn-Based Combat in the Children of the Galaxy Videogame PDF
Pavel Šmejkal, Jakub Gemrot
Mimisbrunnur: AI-Assisted Authoring for Interactive Storytelling PDF
Ingibergur Sindri Stefnisson, David Thue
Affect-Based Early Prediction of Player Mental Demand and Engagement for Educational Games PDF
Joseph B. Wiggins, Mayank Kulkarni, Wookhee Min, Bradford Mott, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Eric Wiebe, James Lester
Design Mining for Minecraft Architecture PDF
Euisun Yoon, Erik Andersen, Bharath Hariharan, Ross Knepper
Modelling Player Understanding of Non-Player Character Paths PDF
Mengxi Xoey Zhang, Clark Verbrugge


VERTIGØ: Visualisation of Rolling Horizon Evolutionary Algorithms in GVGAI PDF
Raluca D. Gaina, Simon M. Lucas, Diego Pérez-Liébana
SHRDLU: A Game Prototype Inspired by Winograd’s Natural Language Understanding Work PDF
Santiago Ontanon
Generating Paths with WFC PDF
Hugo Scurti, Clark Verbrugge

Playable Experiences

Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2018 PDF
Ben Samuel, Aaron Reed, Emily Short, Samantha Heck, Barrie Robison, Landon Wright, Terence Soule, Mike Treanor, Joshua McCoy, Anne Sullivan, Alireza Shirvani, Edward Garcia, Rachelyn Farrell, Stephen Ware, Katherine Compton

Doctoral Consortium

Towards Generating Narratives for the Real World PDF
Sasha Azad
Games as Co-Creative Cooperative Systems PDF
Rodrigo Canaan
Structure Editors and Autonomous Agents PDF
Alexander Card
Experience Management with Beliefs, Desires, and Intentions for Virtual Agents PDF
Rachelyn Farrell
Leveraging Cognitive Models in Planning to Assist Narrative Authoring PDF
Rushit Sanghrajka