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Full Oral Presentation Papers

An Approach to Domain Transfer in Procedural Content Generation of Two-Dimensional Videogame Levels PDF
Sam Snodgrass, Santiago Ontanon
Improving Monte Carlo Tree Search Policies in StarCraft via Probabilistic Models Learned from Replay Data PDF
Alberto Uriarte, Santiago Ontañón
Predicting Proppian Narrative Functions from Stories in Natural Language PDF
Josep Valls-Vargas, Jichen Zhu, Santiago Ontañón

W1: Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Games

Experiments on Learning Unit-Action Models from Replay Data from RTS Games PDF
Santiago Ontanon
Improving Terrain Analysis and Applications to RTS Game AI PDF
Alberto Uriarte, Santiago Ontañón

W2: Experimental AI in Games

Proceduralist Readings, Procedurally PDF
Chris Martens, Adam Summerville, Michael Mateas, Joseph Osborn, Sarah Harmon, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Arnav Jhala