Presentations and Authors

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Full Oral Presentation Papers

Implementation of an Automated Fire Support Planner PDF
Byron R. Harder, Imre Balogh, Chris Darken

Poster Papers

Matching Games and Algorithms for General Video Game Playing PDF
Philip Bontrager, Ahmed Khalifa, Andre Mendes, Julian Togelius
Analyzing Stealth Games with Distractions PDF
Alexander Borodovski, Clark Verbrugge
Object-Model Transfer in the General Video Game Domain PDF
Alexander Eric Braylan, Risto Miikkulainen
Per-Map Algorithm Selection in Real-Time Heuristic Search PDF
Vadim Bulitko
An Environment for Transforming Game Character Animations Based on Nationality and Profession Personality Stereotypes PDF
Funda Durupinar, Kuan Wang, Ani Nenkova, Norman Badler
A Generalized Multidimensional Evaluation Framework for Player Goal Recognition PDF
Wookhee Min, Alok Baikadi, Bradford Mott, Jonathan Rowe, Barry Liu, Eun Young Ha, James Lester

Playable Experiences

Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2016 PDF
Alexander E. Zook, Michael Cook, Eric Butler, Kristin Siu, Matthew Guzdial, Mark Riedl, James Ryan, Ben Samuel, Adam Summerville, Michael Mateas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin

W1: Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Games

StarCraft Winner Prediction PDF
Yaser Norouzzadeh Ravari, Snader Bakkes, Pieter Spronck

W2: Experimental AI in Games

Juke Joint: Characters Who Are Moved By Music PDF
James Ryan, Tyler Brothers, Michael Mateas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin
A Programming Model for Boss Encounters in 2D Action Games PDF
Kristin Siu, Eric Butler, Alexander Zook

W3: Player Analytics

The Sensitivity of Retention to In-Game Advertisements: An Exploratory Analysis PDF
Zachary Burns, Isaac Roseboom, Nicholas Ross