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Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2016
Alexander E. Zook, Michael Cook, Eric Butler, Kristin Siu, Matthew Guzdial, Mark Riedl, James Ryan, Ben Samuel, Adam Summerville, Michael Mateas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Last modified: 2016-09-19


The AIIDE Playable Experiences track celebrates innovations in how AI can be used in polished interactive experiences. Four 2016 accepted submissions display a diversity of approaches. Rogue Process combines techniques for medium-permanence procedurally generated hacking worlds. Elsinore applies temporal predicate logic to enable a time-traveling narrative with character simulation. A novel level generator uses conceptual blending to translate Mario Bros. design styles across levels. And Bad News uses deep simulation of a town and it's residents to ground a mixed-reality performance. Together these playable experiences showcase the opportunities for AI in interactive experiences.


Artificial Intelligence; AI; Interactive; Games; AIIDE

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