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Research Papers -- Oral Presentation

Modeling Autobiographical Memory for Believable Agents PDF
Andrew Kope, Caroline Rose, Michael Katchabaw
Guided Emotional State Regulation: Understanding and Shaping Players’ Affective Experiences in Digital Games PDF
Pedro Alves Nogueira, Rui Rodrigues, Eugénio Oliveira, Lennart E. Nacke
Evaluating Planning-Based Experience Managers for Agency and Fun in Text-Based Interactive Narrative PDF
Alejandro Jose Ramirez, Vadim Bulitko, Marcia Spetch
Integrating Monte Carlo Tree Search with Knowledge-Based Methods to Create Engaging Play in a Commercial Mobile Game PDF
Daniel Whitehouse, Peter I. Cowling, Edward J. Powley, Jeff Rollason

Reearch Papers -- Poster Presentation

Data-Driven Personalized Drama Management PDF
Hong Yu, Mark Owen Riedl

Playable Experiences

Prom Week PDF
Josh McCoy, Mike Treanor, Ben Samuel, Aaron Reed, Michael Mateas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Doctoral Consortium

Improving Plan-Based Interactive Narrative Generation PDF
Justus Robertson

Workshop on AI in the Game Design Process

An Exploration Tool for Predicting Stealthy Behaviour PDF
Jonathan Tremblay, Pedro Andrade Torres, Nir Rikovitch, Clark Verbrugge

Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Improving Goal Recognition in Interactive Narratives with Models of Narrative Discovery Events PDF
Alok Baikadi, Jonathan P. Rowe, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott, Bradford W. Mott, James C. Lester, James C. Lester
Evaluating the Use of Action Templates to Create Suspense in Narrative Planning PDF
Matthew William Fendt, David Roberts, R. Michael Young
Evaluation, Orientation, and Action in Interactive StoryTelling PDF
Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Reid Swanson, Marilyn A. Walker, Thomas Corcoran
A Modular Reinforcement Learning Framework for Interactive Narrative Planning PDF
Jonathan P. Rowe, James C. Lester
Using Expressive Language Generation to Increase Authorial Leverage PDF
Marilyn A. Walker, Jennifer Sawyer, Carolynn Jimenez, Elena Rishes, Grace I. Lin, Zhichao Hu, Jane Pinckard, Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Modelling Character Knowledge in Plan-Based Interactive Narrative to Extend Accomodative Mediation PDF
Justus Robertson, Robert Michael Young
A Belief-Desire-Intention Model for Narrative Generation PDF
Theo Wadsley, Malcolm Ryan