Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers -- Oral Presentation

Guided Emotional State Regulation: Understanding and Shaping Players’ Affective Experiences in Digital Games PDF
Pedro Alves Nogueira, Rui Rodrigues, Eugénio Oliveira, Lennart E. Nacke
The Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit Problem and Its Application to Real-Time Strategy Games PDF
Santiago Ontanon

Reearch Papers -- Poster Presentation

Modular Computational Critics for Games PDF
Joseph Carter Osborn, April Grow, Michael Mateas
Evaluating Analogy-Based Story Generation: An Empirical Study PDF
Jichen Zhu, Santiago Ontanon

Playable Experiences

Endless Web PDF
Gillian Smith, Alexei Othenin-Girard, Jim Whitehead, Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Workshop on AI and Game Aesthetics

Generating Maps Using Markov Chains PDF
Sam Snodgrass, Santiago Ontanon

Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Toward Character Role Assignment for Natural Language Stories PDF
Josep Valls-Vargas, Santiago Ontañón, Jichen Zhu