Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers -- Oral Presentation

Mimicking Humanlike Movement in Open World Games with Path-Relative Recursive Splines PDF
Emmett Tomai, Rosendo Salazar, Roberto Flores

Reearch Papers -- Poster Presentation

A Nondeterministic Temporal Planning Model for Generating Narratives with Continuous Change in Interactive Storytelling PDF
Paulo Abelha, Vinicius Gottin, Angelo Ciarlini, Eric Araujo, Antonio Furtado, Bruno Feijo, Fabio Silva, Cesar Pozzer

Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Evaluating the Use of Action Templates to Create Suspense in Narrative Planning PDF
Matthew William Fendt, David Roberts, R. Michael Young

Workshop on Musical Metacreation

Food Opera: A New Genre for Audio-gustatory Expression PDF
Benjamin Matthew Houge, Jutta Friedrichs
Expansion on Description-Based Design of Melodies PDF
Avneesh Sarwate, Rebecca Fiebrink