Presentations and Authors

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AIIDE 2013 StarCraft Competition PDF
Michael Buro, David Churchill

Research Papers -- Oral Presentation

Viewpoints AI PDF
Mikhail Jacob, Gaëtan Coisne, Akshay Gupta, Ivan Sysoev, Gaurav Gav Verma, Brian Magerko
Mission-Based Scenario Modeling and Generation for Virtual Training PDF
Linbo Luo, Haiyan Yin, Jinghui Zhong, Wentong Cai, Michael Lees, Suiping Zhou
Integrating Monte Carlo Tree Search with Knowledge-Based Methods to Create Engaging Play in a Commercial Mobile Game PDF
Daniel Whitehouse, Peter I. Cowling, Edward J. Powley, Jeff Rollason

Reearch Papers -- Poster Presentation

A Nondeterministic Temporal Planning Model for Generating Narratives with Continuous Change in Interactive Storytelling PDF
Paulo Abelha, Vinicius Gottin, Angelo Ciarlini, Eric Araujo, Antonio Furtado, Bruno Feijo, Fabio Silva, Cesar Pozzer
Learning Interrogation Strategies while Considering Deceptions in Detective Interactive Stories PDF
Guan-Yi Chen, Edward C.-C. Kao, Von-Wun Soo
Automated Generation of Diverse NPC-Controlling FSMs Using Nondeterministic Planning Techniques PDF
Alexandra Coman, Hector Munoz-Avila
ScriptEase II: Platform Independent Story Creation Using High-Level Patterns PDF
Kevin Schenk, Adel Lari, Matthew Church, Eric Graves, Jason Duncan, Robin Miller, Neesha Desai, Richard Zhao, Duane Szafron, Mike Carbonaro, Jonathan Schaeffer


Viewpoints AI: Demonstration PDF
Mikhail Jacob, Gaëtan Coisne, Akshay Gupta, Ivan Sysoev, Gaurav Gav Verma, Brian Magerko

Workshop on AI and Game Aesthetics

From Mechanics to Meaning and Back Again: Exploring Techniques for the Contextualisation of Code PDF
Michael Cook, Simon Colton
Shape-Keeping Technique and Its Application to Checkmate Problem Composition PDF
Taichi Ishitobi, Alessandro Cincotti, Hiroyuki Iida

Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Organizers PDF
Marc Cavazza, Mei Si, Alexander Zook
Preface PDF
Marc Cavazza, Mei Si, Alexander Zook
An Authoring Tool to Derive Valid Interactive Scenarios PDF
Kim Dung Dang, Ronan Champagnat
Identifying Personal Narratives in Chinese Weblog Posts PDF
Andrew S. Gordon, Luwen Huangfu, Kenji Sagae, Wenji Mao, Wen Chen
Evaluation, Orientation, and Action in Interactive StoryTelling PDF
Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Reid Swanson, Marilyn A. Walker, Thomas Corcoran
Ember, Toward Salience-Based Cinematic Generation PDF
Bradley Alan Cassell, R. Michael Young

Workshop on Musical Metacreation

The Musical Metacreation Weekend: Challenges Arising from the Live Presentation of Musically Metacreative Systems PDF
Oliver Roland Bown, Arne Eigenfeldt, Aengus Martin, Benjamin Carey, Philippe Pasquier