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Invited Talks PDF
Richard Evans, D. Fox Harrell, Aleissia Laidacker, John Abercrombie

Research Papers -- Oral Presentation

Player Skill Modeling in Starcraft II PDF
Tetske Avontuur, Pieter Spronck, Menno van Zaanen

Reearch Papers -- Poster Presentation

A Nondeterministic Temporal Planning Model for Generating Narratives with Continuous Change in Interactive Storytelling PDF
Paulo Abelha, Vinicius Gottin, Angelo Ciarlini, Eric Araujo, Antonio Furtado, Bruno Feijo, Fabio Silva, Cesar Pozzer

Workshop on Musical Metacreation

Interactive Musical Partner: A Demonstration of Musical Personality Settings for Influencing the Behavior of an Interactive Musical Generation System PDF
Jeffrey Vernon Albert
The Generative Electronic Dance Music Algorithmic System (GEDMAS) PDF
Christopher Anderson, Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier