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Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Towards a Computational Model of Narrative Visualization PDF
Alok Baikadi, Julius Goth, Christopher M. Mitchell, Eun Y. Ha, Bradford W. Mott, James C. Lester
The Case for Intention Revision in Stories and its Incorporation into IRIS, a Story-Based Planning System PDF
Matthew William Fendt, R. Michael Young
Corpus Annotation in Service of Intelligent Narrative Technologies PDF
Mark Alan Finlayson
The Story Workbench: An Extensible Semi-Automatic Text Annotation Tool PDF
Mark Alan Finlayson
Suggesting New Plot Elements for an Interactive Story PDF
Spyridon Giannatos, Mark J. Nelson, Yun-Gyung Cheong, Georgios N. Yannakakis
Automaticity and Expressive Behavior in Virtual Actors: Notes on the Organization of Mammalian Behavior Systems PDF
Ian D. Horswill
Learning Director Agent Strategies: An Inductive Framework for Modeling Director Agents PDF
Seung Lee, Bradford Mott, James Lester
A Phone That Cures Your Flu: Generating Imaginary Gadgets in Fictions with Planning and Analogies PDF
Boyang Li, Mark O. Riedl
Seven Design Challenges for Fully-realized Experience Management PDF
David L. Roberts
A Discrete Event Calculus Implementation of the OCC Theory of Emotion PDF
Margaret Krystyna Sarlej, Malcolm Ryan
Selecting Agents for Narrative Roles PDF
Alexander Shoulson, Daniel Garcia, Norman I. Badler
A Rule-Based Framework for Modular Development of In-Game Interactive Dialogue Simulation PDF
Emmett Tomai, David Salinas, Rosendo Salazar
Causality in Hundreds of Narratives of the Same Events PDF
Emmett Tomai, Laxman Thapa, Andrew S. Gordon, Sin-Hwa Kang
On the Use of Reincorporation in Interactive Drama PDF
Zach Tomaszewski
The SimpleFPS Planning Domain: A PDDL Benchmark for Proactive NPCs PDF
Stavros Vassos, Michail Papakonstantinou
A Real-Time Concurrent Planning and Execution Framework for Automated Story Planning for Games PDF
Eric Cesar Jr. Esguerra Vidal, Alexander Nareyek
Murder in the Arboretum: Comparing Character Models to Personality Models PDF
Marilyn Walker, Grace Lin, Jennifer Sawyer, Ricky Grant, Michael Buell, Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Initial Results for Measuring Four Dimensions of Narrative Conflict PDF
Stephen G. Ware, Brent Harrison, R. Michael Young, David L. Roberts
Approaching a Player Model of Game Story Comprehension Through Affordance in Interactive Narrative PDF
R. Michael Young, Rogelio Cardona-Rivera

Artificial Intelligence in the Game Design Process

Simulating Mechanics to Study Emergence in Games PDF
Joris Dormans
Knowledge Guided Development of Videogames PDF
David Llansó, Marco A. Gómez-Martín, Pedro P. Gómez-Martín, Pedro A. González-Calero
Game Metrics Without Players: Strategies for Understanding Game Artifacts PDF
Mark J. Nelson
Computational Caricatures: Probing the Game Design Process with AI PDF
Adam M. Smith, Michael Mateas
Towards a Non-Disruptive, Practical and Objective Automated Playtesting Process PDF
Chek Tien Tan, Andrew Johnston