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Taming the Matthew Effect in Online Markets with Social Influence PDF
Franco Berbeglia, Pascal Van Hentenryck

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Optimizing Positional Scoring Rules for Rank Aggregation PDF
Ioannis Caragiannis, Xenophon Chatzigeorgiou, George A. Krimpas, Alexandros A. Voudouris
Obvious Strategyproofness Needs Monitoring for Good Approximations PDF
Diodato Ferraioli, Carmine Ventre
Security Games on a Plane PDF
Jiarui Gan, Bo An, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Brian Gauch

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Entropic Causal Inference PDF
Murat Kocaoglu, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Sriram Vishwanath, Babak Hassibi

Machine Learning Applications

Predicting Soccer Highlights from Spatio-Temporal Match Event Streams PDF
Tom Decroos, Vladimir Dzyuba, Jan Van Haaren, Jesse Davis
A Framework for Minimal Clustering Modification via Constraint Programming PDF
Chia-Tung Kuo, S. S. Ravi, Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao, Christel Vrain, Ian Davidson
Progressive Prediction of Student Performance in College Programs PDF
Jie Xu, Yuli Han, Daniel Marcu, Mihaela van der Schaar
Personalized Donor-Recipient Matching for Organ Transplantation PDF
Jinsung Yoon, Ahmed M. Alaa, Martin Cadeiras, Mihaela van der Schaar

Machine Learning Methods

MPGL: An Efficient Matching Pursuit Method for Generalized LASSO PDF
Dong Gong, Mingkui Tan, Yanning Zhang, Anton van den Hengel, Qinfeng Shi
A Riemannian Network for SPD Matrix Learning PDF
Zhiwu Huang, Luc Van Gool
Matching Node Embeddings for Graph Similarity PDF
Giannis Nikolentzos, Polykarpos Meladianos, Michalis Vazirgiannis
Column Networks for Collective Classification PDF
Trang Pham, Truyen Tran, Dinh Phung, Svetha Venkatesh
Policy Search with High-Dimensional Context Variables PDF
Voot Tangkaratt, Herke van Hoof, Simone Parisi, Gerhard Neumann, Jan Peters, Masashi Sugiyama
Variable Kernel Density Estimation in High-Dimensional Feature Spaces PDF
Christiaan Maarten van der Walt, Etienne Barnard

Multiagent Systems

Decentralized Planning in Stochastic Environments with Submodular Rewards PDF
Rajiv Ranjan Kumar, Pradeep Varakantham, Akshat Kumar

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Geometry of Compositionality PDF
Hongyu Gong, Suma Bhat, Pramod Viswanath
Robsut Wrod Reocginiton via Semi-Character Recurrent Neural Network PDF
Keisuke Sakaguchi, Kevin Duh, Matt Post, Benjamin Van Durme

Search and Constraint Satisfaction

CoCoA: A Non-Iterative Approach to a Local Search (A)DCOP Solver PDF
Cornelis Jan van Leeuwen, Przemyslaw Pawelczak
Extending Compact-Table to Negative and Short Tables PDF
Hélène Verhaeghe, Christophe Lecoutre, Pierre Schaus


Inception-v4, Inception-ResNet and the Impact of Residual Connections on Learning PDF
Christian Szegedy, Sergey Ioffe, Vincent Vanhoucke, Alexander A Alemi

Special Track on Cognitive Systems

Semantic Proto-Role Labeling PDF
Adam Teichert, Adam Poliak, Benjamin Van Durme, Matthew R. Gormley

Special Track on Computational Sustainability

Counting-Based Reliability Estimation for Power-Transmission Grids PDF
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Kuldeep S. Meel, Roger Paredes, Moshe Y. Vardi
Spatial Projection of Multiple Climate Variables Using Hierarchical Multitask Learning PDF
Andre R. Goncalves, Arindam Banerjee, Fernando J. Von Zuben
Extracting Urban Microclimates from Electricity Bills PDF
Thuy Vu, D. Stott Parker

Student Abstracts

Extracting Highly Effective Features for Supervised Learning via Simultaneous Tensor Factorization PDF
Sunny Verma, Wei Liu, Chen Wang, Liming Zhu

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