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Towards Better Understanding the Clothing Fashion Styles: A Multimodal Deep Learning Approach PDF
Yihui Ma, Jia Jia, Suping Zhou, Jingtian Fu, Yejun Liu, Zijian Tong
Profit-Driven Team Grouping in Social Networks PDF
Shaojie Tang
StructInf: Mining Structural Influence from Social Streams PDF
Jing Zhang, Jie Tang, Yuanyi Zhong, Yuchen Mo, Juanzi Li, Guojie Song, Wendy Hall, Jimeng Sun

Artificial Intelligence and the Web

CLARE: A Joint Approach to Label Classification and Tag Recommendation PDF
Yilin Wang, Suhang Wang, Jiliang Tang, Guojun Qi, Huan Liu, Baoxin Li

Game Playing and Interactive Entertainment

The Efficiency of the HyperPlay Technique Over Random Sampling PDF
Michael Schofield, Michael Thielscher

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Envy-Free Mechanisms with Minimum Number of Cuts PDF
Reza Alijani, Majid Farhadi, Mohammad Ghodsi, Masoud Seddighin, Ahmad S. Tajik
Teams in Online Scheduling Polls: Game-Theoretic Aspects PDF
Robert Bredereck, Jiehua Chen, Rolf Niedermeier, Svetlana Obraztsova, Nimrod Talmon
Bounded Rationality of Restricted Turing Machines PDF
Lijie Chen, Pingzhong Tang, Ruosong Wang
What Do Multiwinner Voting Rules Do? An Experiment Over the Two-Dimensional Euclidean Domain PDF
Edith Elkind, Piotr Faliszewski, Jean-Francois Laslier, Piotr Skowron, Arkadii Slinko, Nimrod Talmon
Optimal Pricing for Submodular Valuations with Bounded Curvature PDF
Takanori Maehara, Yasushi Kawase, Hanna Sumita, Katsuya Tono, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
Psychological Forest: Predicting Human Behavior PDF
Ori Plonsky, Ido Erev, Tamir Hazan, Moshe Tennenholtz
Fans Economy and All-Pay Auctions with Proportional Allocations PDF
Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng, Song Zuo
The Positronic Economist: A Computational System for Analyzing Economic Mechanisms PDF
David Thompson, Neil Newman, Kevin Leyton-Brown
The Dollar Auction with Spiteful Players PDF
Marcin Waniek, Long Tran-Thanh, Tomasz P. Michalak, Nicholas R. Jennings

Heuristic Search and Optimization

Reactive Dialectic Search Portfolios for MaxSAT PDF
Carlos Ansótegui, Josep Pon, Meinolf Sellmann, Kevin Tierney

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Add Data into Business Process Verification: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice PDF
Riccardo De Masellis, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Chiara Ghidini, Marco Montali, Sergio Tessaris
Ontology Materialization by Abstraction Refinement in Horn SHOIF PDF
Birte Glimm, Yevgeny Kazakov, Trung-Kien Tran
Non-Parametric Estimation of Multiple Embeddings for Link Prediction on Dynamic Knowledge Graphs PDF
Yi Tay, Anh Tuan Luu, Siu Cheung Hui

Machine Learning Applications

Multidimensional Scaling on Multiple Input Distance Matrices PDF
Song Bai, Xiang Bai, Longin Jan Latecki, Qi Tian
Fast Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Interval Consistent Graph for Driving Behavior Prediction PDF
Masamichi Shimosaka, Junichi Sato, Kazuhito Takenaka, Kentarou Hitomi
Simultaneous Clustering and Ensemble PDF
Zhiqiang Tao, Hongfu Liu, Yun Fu
A Deep Hierarchical Approach to Lifelong Learning in Minecraft PDF
Chen Tessler, Shahar Givony, Tom Zahavy, Daniel J. Mankowitz, Shie Mannor
Learning Attributes from the Crowdsourced Relative Labels PDF
Tian Tian, Ning Chen, Jun Zhu
Pairwise Relationship Guided Deep Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval PDF
Erkun Yang, Cheng Deng, Wei Liu, Xianglong Liu, Dacheng Tao, Xinbo Gao
Robust Manifold Matrix Factorization for Joint Clustering and Feature Extraction PDF
Lefei Zhang, Qian Zhang, Bo Du, Dacheng Tao, Jane You

Machine Learning Methods

Scalable Multitask Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning PDF
Salam El Bsat, Haitham Bou Ammar, Matthew E. Taylor
Structure Regularized Unsupervised Discriminant Feature Analysis PDF
Mingyu Fan, Xiaojun Chang, Dacheng Tao
MPGL: An Efficient Matching Pursuit Method for Generalized LASSO PDF
Dong Gong, Mingkui Tan, Yanning Zhang, Anton van den Hengel, Qinfeng Shi
Learning Invariant Deep Representation for NIR-VIS Face Recognition PDF
Ran He, Xiang Wu, Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan
Cost-Sensitive Feature Selection via F-Measure Optimization Reduction PDF
Meng Liu, Chang Xu, Yong Luo, Chao Xu, Yonggang Wen, Dacheng Tao
Approximate Conditional Gradient Descent on Multi-Class Classification PDF
Zhuanghua Liu, Ivor Tsang
The Multivariate Generalised von Mises Distribution: Inference and Applications PDF
Alexandre K. W. Navarro, Jes Frellsen, Richard E. Turner
Unimodal Thompson Sampling for Graph-Structured Arms PDF
Stefano Paladino, Francesco Trovò, Marcello Restelli, Nicola Gatti
Column Networks for Collective Classification PDF
Trang Pham, Truyen Tran, Dinh Phung, Svetha Venkatesh
Compressed K-Means for Large-Scale Clustering PDF
Xiaobo Shen, Weiwei Liu, Ivor Tsang, Fumin Shen, Quan-Sen Sun
Patch Reordering: A NovelWay to Achieve Rotation and Translation Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Xu Shen, Xinmei Tian, Shaoyan Sun, Dacheng Tao
Distributed Negative Sampling for Word Embeddings PDF
Stergios Stergiou, Zygimantas Straznickas, Rolina Wu, Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis
Self-Correcting Models for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning PDF
Erik Talvitie
Distant Domain Transfer Learning PDF
Ben Tan, Yu Zhang, Sinno Jialin Pan, Qiang Yang
Confidence-Rated Discriminative Partial Label Learning PDF
Cai-Zhi Tang, Min-Ling Zhang
Cross-Domain Ranking via Latent Space Learning PDF
Jie Tang, Wendy Hall
How to Train a Compact Binary Neural Network with High Accuracy? PDF
Wei Tang, Gang Hua, Liang Wang
Policy Search with High-Dimensional Context Variables PDF
Voot Tangkaratt, Herke van Hoof, Simone Parisi, Gerhard Neumann, Jan Peters, Masashi Sugiyama
Coactive Critiquing: Elicitation of Preferences and Features PDF
Stefano Teso, Paolo Dragone, Andrea Passerini
Importance Sampling with Unequal Support PDF
Philip S. Thomas, Emma Brunskill
Achieving Privacy in the Adversarial Multi-Armed Bandit PDF
Aristide Charles Yedia Tossou, Christos Dimitrakakis
Thompson Sampling for Stochastic Bandits with Graph Feedback PDF
Aristide C. Y. Tossou, Christos Dimitrakakis, Devdatt Dubhashi
Selecting Sequences of Items via Submodular Maximization PDF
Sebastian Tschiatschek, Adish Singla, Andreas Krause
Latent Smooth Skeleton Embedding PDF
Li Wang, Qi Mao, Ivor W. Tsang
Beyond RPCA: Flattening Complex Noise in the Frequency Domain PDF
Yunhe Wang, Chang Xu, Chao Xu, Dacheng Tao
Discover Multiple Novel Labels in Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning PDF
Yue Zhu, Kai Ming Ting, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation

Neural Machine Translation with Reconstruction PDF
Zhaopeng Tu, Yang Liu, Lifeng Shang, Xiaohua Liu, Hang Li

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Deterministic Attention for Sequence-to-Sequence Constituent Parsing PDF
Chunpeng Ma, Lemao Liu, Akihiro Tamura, Tiejun Zhao, Eiichiro Sumita
Multiresolution Recurrent Neural Networks: An Application to Dialogue Response Generation PDF
Iulian Vlad Serban, Tim Klinger, Gerald Tesauro, Kartik Talamadupula, Bowen Zhou, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville
Lattice-Based Recurrent Neural Network Encoders for Neural Machine Translation PDF
Jinsong Su, Zhixing Tan, Deyi Xiong, Rongrong Ji, Xiaodong Shi, Yang Liu
Neural Machine Translation Advised by Statistical Machine Translation PDF
Xing Wang, Zhengdong Lu, Zhaopeng Tu, Hang Li, Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang
Variational Autoencoder for Semi-Supervised Text Classification PDF
Weidi Xu, Haoze Sun, Chao Deng, Ying Tan

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis with Signed Social Networks PDF
Kewei Cheng, Jundong Li, Jiliang Tang, Huan Liu
Improving Event Causality Recognition with Multiple Background Knowledge Sources Using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Canasai Kruengkrai, Kentaro Torisawa, Chikara Hashimoto, Julien Kloetzer, Jong-Hoon Oh, Masahiro Tanaka
Word Embedding Based Correlation Model for Question/Answer Matching PDF
Yikang Shen, Wenge Rong, Nan Jiang, Baolin Peng, Jie Tang, Zhang Xiong

Planning and Scheduling

Computational Issues in Time-Inconsistent Planning PDF
Pingzhong Tang, Yifeng Teng, Zihe Wang, Shenke Xiao, Yichong Xu

Reasoning under Uncertainty

Non-Deterministic Planning with Temporally Extended Goals: LTL over Finite and Infinite Traces PDF
Alberto Camacho, Eleni Triantafillou, Christian Muise, Jorge A. Baier, Sheila A. McIlraith
Latent Dependency Forest Models PDF
Shanbo Chu, Yong Jiang, Kewei Tu
Hindsight Optimization for Hybrid State and Action MDPs PDF
Aswin Raghavan, Scott Sanner, Roni Khardon, Prasad Tadepalli, Alan Fern


A Diversified Generative Latent Variable Model for WiFi-SLAM PDF
Hao Xiong, Dacheng Tao


Regularized Diffusion Process for Visual Retrieval PDF
Song Bai, Xiang Bai, Qi Tian, Longin Jan Latecki
VINet: Visual-Inertial Odometry as a Sequence-to-Sequence Learning Problem PDF
Ronald Clark, Sen Wang, Hongkai Wen, Andrew Markham, Niki Trigoni
Active Video Summarization: Customized Summaries via On-line Interaction with the User PDF
Ana Garcia del Molino, Xavier Boix, Joo-Hwee Lim, Ah-Hwee Tan
Nonnegative Orthogonal Graph Matching PDF
Bo Jiang, Jin Tang, Chris Ding, Bin Luo
Learning Patch-Based Dynamic Graph for Visual Tracking PDF
Chenglong Li, Liang Lin, Wangmeng Zuo, Jin Tang
Image Caption with Global-Local Attention PDF
Linghui Li, Sheng Tang, Lixi Deng, Yongdong Zhang, Qi Tian
Weakly-Supervised Deep Nonnegative Low-Rank Model for Social Image Tag Refinement and Assignment PDF
Zechao Li, Jinhui Tang
Image Cosegmentation via Saliency-Guided Constrained Clustering with Cosine Similarity PDF
Zhiqiang Tao, Hongfu Liu, Huazhu Fu, Yun Fu

Special Track on Cognitive Systems

Towards a Brain Inspired Model of Self-Awareness for Sociable Agents PDF
Budhitama Subagdja, Ah-Hwee Tan
Semantic Proto-Role Labeling PDF
Adam Teichert, Adam Poliak, Benjamin Van Durme, Matthew R. Gormley

Special Track on Integrated Systems

Healthy Cognitive Aging: A Hybrid Random Vector Functional-Link Model for the Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease PDF
Peng Dai, Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Michael Bauer, Michael Borrie, Xue Teng

EAAI Symposium Poster Papers

Application for AI-OCR Module: Auto Detection of Emails/Letter Images PDF
Kelsey Fargas, Bingjie Zhou, Elizabeth Staruk, Sheila Tejada
Exploring Artificial Intelligence Through Image Recognition PDF
Kelsey Fargas, Bingjie Zhou, Elizabeth Staruk, Sheila Tejada
AI Projects for Computer Science Capstone Classes (Extended Abstract) PDF
Matthew E. Taylor, Sakire Arslan Ay

Student Abstracts

Semantic Inference of Bird Songs Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks PDF
Keisuke Daimon, Richard W. Hedley, Charles E. Taylor
SReN: Shape Regression Network for Comic Storyboard Extraction PDF
Zheqi He, Yafeng Zhou, Yongtao Wang, Zhi Tang
Multimodal Fusion of EEG and Musical Features in Music-Emotion Recognition PDF
Nattapong Thammasan, Ken-ichi Fukui, Masayuki Numao
Predicting User Roles from Computer Logs Using Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Aaron Tuor, Samuel Kaplan, Brian Hutchinson, Nicole Nichols, Sean Robinson
Attention Based LSTM for Target Dependent Sentiment Classification PDF
Min Yang, Wenting Tu, Jingxuan Wang, Fei Xu, Xiaojun Chen
Authorship Attribution with Topic Drift Model PDF
Min Yang, Dingju Zhu, Yong Tang, Jingxuan Wang


AniDraw: When Music and Dance Meet Harmoniously PDF
Yaohua Bu, Tang Taoran, Jia Jia, Ma Zhiyuan, Wu Songyao, You Yuming
Natural Language Dialogue for Building and Learning Models and Structures PDF
Ian Perera, James F. Allen, Lucian Galescu, Choh Man Teng, Mark Burstein, Scott Friedman, David McDonald, Jeffrey Rye

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