Presentations and Authors

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Novel Geometric Approach for Global Alignment of PPI Networks PDF
Yangwei Liu, Hu Ding, Danyang Chen, Jinhui Xu

Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Radon – Rapid Discovery of Topological Relations PDF
Mohamed Ahmed Sherif, Kevin Dreßler, Panayiotis Smeros, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
Phrase-Based Presentation Slides Generation for Academic Papers PDF
Sida Wang, Xiaojun Wan, Shikang Du

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Team-Maxmin Equilibrium: Efficiency Bounds and Algorithms PDF
Nicola Basilico, Andrea Celli, Giuseppe De Nittis, Nicola Gatti
Faster and Simpler Algorithm for Optimal Strategies of Blotto Game PDF
Soheil Behnezhad, Sina Dehghani, Mahsa Derakhshan, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Saeed Seddighin
On Markov Games Played by Bayesian and Boundedly-Rational Players PDF
Muthukumaran Chandrasekaran, Yingke Chen, Prashant Doshi
The Computational Complexity of Weighted Greedy Matching PDF
Argyrios Deligkas, George B. Mertzios, Paul G. Spirakis
Disarmament Games PDF
Yuan Deng, Vincent Conitzer
The Complexity of Stable Matchings under Substitutable Preferences PDF
Yuan Deng, Debmalya Panigrahi, Bo Waggoner
Small Representations of Big Kidney Exchange Graphs PDF
John P. Dickerson, Aleksandr M. Kazachkov, Ariel D. Procaccia, Tuomas Sandholm

Heuristic Search and Optimization

Automatic Logic-Based Benders Decomposition with MiniZinc PDF
Toby O. Davies, Graeme Gange, Peter J. Stuckey
Anytime Anyspace AND/OR Search for Bounding the Partition Function PDF
Qi Lou, Rina Dechter, Alexander Ihler
A Fast Algorithm to Compute Maximum k-Plexes in Social Network Analysis PDF
Mingyu Xiao, Weibo Lin, Yuanshun Dai, Yifeng Zeng

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

On the Computation of Paracoherent Answer Sets PDF
Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, Francesco Ricca
Abstraction in Situation Calculus Action Theories PDF
Bita Banihashemi, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance
Solving Advanced Argumentation Problems with Answer-Set Programming PDF
Gerhard Brewka, Martin Diller, Georg Heissenberger, Thomas Linsbichler, Stefan Woltran
Add Data into Business Process Verification: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice PDF
Riccardo De Masellis, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Chiara Ghidini, Marco Montali, Sergio Tessaris
Practical TBox Abduction Based on Justification Patterns PDF
Jianfeng Du, Hai Wan, Huaguan Ma
Diagnosability Planning for Controllable Discrete Event Systems PDF
Hassan Ibrahim, Philippe Dague, Alban Grastien, Lina Ye, Laurent Simon
Entropic Causal Inference PDF
Murat Kocaoglu, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Sriram Vishwanath, Babak Hassibi

Machine Learning Applications

Predicting Soccer Highlights from Spatio-Temporal Match Event Streams PDF
Tom Decroos, Vladimir Dzyuba, Jan Van Haaren, Jesse Davis
A Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Model with Deep Structure for Recommender Systems PDF
Xin Dong, Lei Yu, Zhonghuo Wu, Yuxia Sun, Lingfeng Yuan, Fangxi Zhang
Active Learning with Cross-Class Similarity Transfer PDF
Yuchen Guo, Guiguang Ding, Yue Gao, Jungong Han
Semi-Supervised Multi-View Correlation Feature Learning with Application to Webpage Classification PDF
Xiao-Yuan Jing, Fei Wu, Xiwei Dong, Shiguang Shan, Songcan Chen
A Framework for Minimal Clustering Modification via Constraint Programming PDF
Chia-Tung Kuo, S. S. Ravi, Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao, Christel Vrain, Ian Davidson
Data-Driven Approximations to NP-Hard Problems PDF
Anton Milan, S. Hamid Rezatofighi, Ravi Garg, Anthony Dick, Ian Reid
Pairwise Relationship Guided Deep Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval PDF
Erkun Yang, Cheng Deng, Wei Liu, Xianglong Liu, Dacheng Tao, Xinbo Gao
Robust Manifold Matrix Factorization for Joint Clustering and Feature Extraction PDF
Lefei Zhang, Qian Zhang, Bo Du, Dacheng Tao, Jane You

Machine Learning Methods

Learning Bayesian Networks with Incomplete Data by Augmentation PDF
Tameem Adel, Cassio P. de Campos
Label Efficient Learning by Exploiting Multi-Class Output Codes PDF
Maria Florina Balcan, Travis Dick, Yishay Mansour
Informative Subspace Learning for Counterfactual Inference PDF
Yale Chang, Jennifer G. Dy
Addressing Imbalance in Multi-Label Classification Using Structured Hellinger Forests PDF
Zachary Alan Daniels, Dimitris N. Metaxas
Nonlinear Dynamic Boltzmann Machines for Time-Series Prediction PDF
Sakyasingha Dasgupta, Takayuki Osogami
Estimating the Maximum Expected Value in Continuous Reinforcement Learning Problems PDF
Carlo D'Eramo, Alessandro Nuara, Matteo Pirotta, Marcello Restelli
Self-Paced Multi-Task Learning PDF
Changsheng Li, Junchi Yan, Fan Wei, Weishan Dong, Qingshan Liu, Hongyuan Zha
Multiple Kernel k-Means with Incomplete Kernels PDF
Xinwang Liu, Miaomiao Li, Lei Wang, Yong Dou, Jianping Yin, En Zhu
Optimal Neighborhood Kernel Clustering with Multiple Kernels PDF
Xinwang Liu, Sihang Zhou, Yueqing Wang, Miaomiao Li, Yong Dou, En Zhu, Jianping Yin
Streaming Classification with Emerging New Class by Class Matrix Sketching PDF
Xin Mu, Feida Zhu, Juan Du, Ee-Peng Lim, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Querying Partially Labelled Data to Improve a K-nn Classifier PDF
Vu-Linh Nguyen, Sébastien Destercke, Marie-Helene Masson
Coactive Critiquing: Elicitation of Preferences and Features PDF
Stefano Teso, Paolo Dragone, Andrea Passerini
Achieving Privacy in the Adversarial Multi-Armed Bandit PDF
Aristide Charles Yedia Tossou, Christos Dimitrakakis
Thompson Sampling for Stochastic Bandits with Graph Feedback PDF
Aristide C. Y. Tossou, Christos Dimitrakakis, Devdatt Dubhashi
Feature Selection Guided Auto-Encoder PDF
Shuyang Wang, Zhengming Ding, Yun Fu
Rank Ordering Constraints Elimination with Application for Kernel Learning PDF
Ying Xie, Chris H. Q. Ding, Yihong Gong, Zongze Wu
A Unified Algorithm for One-Cass Structured Matrix Factorization with Side Information PDF
Hsiang-Fu Yu, Hsin-Yuan Huang, Inderjit Dhillon, Chih-Jen Lin
Multi-View Clustering via Deep Matrix Factorization PDF
Handong Zhao, Zhengming Ding, Yun Fu

Multiagent Systems

Query Complexity of Tournament Solutions PDF
Palash Dey

Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation

Neural Bag-of-Ngrams PDF
Bofang Li, Tao Liu, Zhe Zhao, Puwei Wang, Xiaoyong Du

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Unsupervised Learning of Evolving Relationships Between Literary Characters PDF
Snigdha Chaturvedi, Mohit Iyyer, Hal Daume III
Definition Modeling: Learning to Define Word Embeddings in Natural Language PDF
Thanapon Noraset, Chen Liang, Larry Birnbaum, Doug Downey
Condensed Memory Networks for Clinical Diagnostic Inferencing PDF
Aaditya Prakash, Siyuan Zhao, Sadid A. Hasan, Vivek Datla, Kathy Lee, Ashequl Qadir, Joey Liu, Oladimeji Farri
Robsut Wrod Reocginiton via Semi-Character Recurrent Neural Network PDF
Keisuke Sakaguchi, Kevin Duh, Matt Post, Benjamin Van Durme
Coupled Multi-Layer Attentions for Co-Extraction of Aspect and Opinion Terms PDF
Wenya Wang, Sinno Jialin Pan, Daniel Dahlmeier, Xiaokui Xiao
Variational Autoencoder for Semi-Supervised Text Classification PDF
Weidi Xu, Haoze Sun, Chao Deng, Ying Tan

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

Bootstrapping Distantly Supervised IE Using Joint Learning and Small Well-Structured Corpora PDF
Lidong Bing, Bhuwan Dhingra, Kathryn Mazaitis, Jong Hyuk Park, William W. Cohen
Recurrent Neural Networks with Auxiliary Labels for Cross-Domain Opinion Target Extraction PDF
Ying Ding, Jianfei Yu, Jing Jiang

Planning and Scheduling

On the Disruptive Effectiveness of Automated Planning for LTLf-Based Trace Alignment PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Andrea Marrella, Fabio Patrizi
Bounding the Probability of Resource Constraint Violations in Multi-Agent MDPs PDF
Frits de Nijs, Erwin Walraven, Mathijs M. de Weerdt, Matthijs T. J. Spaan
Robust Execution of Probabilistic Temporal Plans PDF
Kyle Lund, Sam Dietrich, Scott Chow, James C. Boerkoel

Reasoning under Uncertainty

Anytime Best+Depth-First Search for Bounding Marginal MAP PDF
Radu Marinescu, Junkyu Lee, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter


Deep Learning Quadcopter Control via Risk-Aware Active Learning PDF
Olov Andersson, Mariusz Wzorek, Patrick Doherty
Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Unsupervised Activity Analysis on an Autonomous Mobile Robot PDF
Paul Duckworth, Muhannad Alomari, James Charles, David C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn

Search and Constraint Satisfaction

A SAT-Based Approach for Solving the Modal Logic S5-Satisfiability Problem PDF
Thomas Caridroit, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Daniel Le Berre, Tiago de Lima, Valentin Montmirail
Algorithms for Deciding Counting Quantifiers over Unary Predicates PDF
Marcelo Finger, Glauber De Bona
Should Algorithms for Random SAT and Max-SAT Be Different? PDF
Sixue Liu, Gerard de Melo


Reference Based LSTM for Image Captioning PDF
Minghai Chen, Guiguang Ding, Sicheng Zhao, Hui Chen, Qiang Liu, Jungong Han
Deep Correlated Metric Learning for Sketch-based 3D Shape Retrieval PDF
Guoxian Dai, Jin Xie, Fan Zhu, Yi Fang
Deep Manifold Learning of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices with Application to Face Recognition PDF
Zhen Dong, Su Jia, Chi Zhang, Mingtao Pei, Yuwei Wu
Zero-Shot Recognition via Direct Classifier Learning with Transferred Samples and Pseudo Labels PDF
Yuchen Guo, Guiguang Ding, Jungong Han, Yue Gao
Nonnegative Orthogonal Graph Matching PDF
Bo Jiang, Jin Tang, Chris Ding, Bin Luo
Image Caption with Global-Local Attention PDF
Linghui Li, Sheng Tang, Lixi Deng, Yongdong Zhang, Qi Tian
An Artificial Agent for Robust Image Registration PDF
Rui Liao, Shun Miao, Pierre de Tournemire, Sasa Grbic, Ali Kamen, Tommaso Mansi, Dorin Comaniciu
Boosting Complementary Hash Tables for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search PDF
Xianglong Liu, Cheng Deng, Yadong Mu, Zhujin Li
Localizing by Describing: Attribute-Guided Attention Localization for Fine-Grained Recognition PDF
Xiao Liu, Jiang Wang, Shilei Wen, Errui Ding, Yuanqing Lin
Online Multi-Target Tracking Using Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Anton Milan, S. Hamid Rezatofighi, Anthony Dick, Ian Reid, Konrad Schindler
Fully Convolutional Neural Networks with Full-Scale-Features for Semantic Segmentation PDF
Tianxiang Pan, Bin Wang, Guiguang Ding, Jun-Hai Yong

Special Track on Cognitive Systems

Natural Language Acquisition and Grounding for Embodied Robotic Systems PDF
Muhannad Alomari, Paul Duckworth, David C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn
Goal Operations for Cognitive Systems PDF
Michael T. Cox, Dustin Dannenhauer, Sravya Kondrakunta
Combining Logical Abduction and Statistical Induction: Discovering Written Primitives with Human Knowledge PDF
Wang-Zhou Dai, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Scanpath Complexity: Modeling Reading Effort Using Gaze Information PDF
Abhijit Mishra, Diptesh Kanojia, Seema Nagar, Kuntal Dey, Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Special Track on Computational Sustainability

Counting-Based Reliability Estimation for Power-Transmission Grids PDF
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Kuldeep S. Meel, Roger Paredes, Moshe Y. Vardi
Three New Algorithms to Solve N-POMDPs PDF
Yann Dujardin, Tom Dietterich, Iadine Chadès
Fine-Grained Car Detection for Visual Census Estimation PDF
Timnit Gebru, Jonathan Krause, Yilun Wang, Duyun Chen, Jia Deng, Li Fei-Fei
Dynamic Optimization of Landscape Connectivity Embedding Spatial-Capture-Recapture Information PDF
Yexiang Xue, Xiaojian Wu, Dana Morin, Bistra Dilkina, Angela Fuller, J. Andrew Royle, Carla P. Gomes

Special Track on Integrated Systems

Healthy Cognitive Aging: A Hybrid Random Vector Functional-Link Model for the Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease PDF
Peng Dai, Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Michael Bauer, Michael Borrie, Xue Teng
Building Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems for Online Shopping PDF
Zhao Yan, Nan Duan, Peng Chen, Ming Zhou, Jianshe Zhou, Zhoujun Li

EAAI Symposium Full Papers

ARTY: Fueling Creativity through Art, Robotics and Technology for Youth PDF
Debra T. Burhans, Karthik Dantu
Cornhole: A Widely-Accessible AI Robotics Task PDF
Nate Derbinsky, Tyler M. Frasca
An Image Wherever You Look! Making Vision Just Another Sensor for AI/Robotics Projects PDF
Andy Zhang, John Lee, Ciante Jones, Zachary Dodds

Senior Member Blue Sky

Moral Decision Making Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence PDF
Vincent Conitzer, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Jana Schaich Borg, Yuan Deng, Max Kramer

Student Abstracts

Semantic Inference of Bird Songs Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks PDF
Keisuke Daimon, Richard W. Hedley, Charles E. Taylor
Android Malware Detection with Weak Ground Truth Data PDF
Jordan DeLoach, Doina Caragea, Xinming Ou
Discovering Conversational Dependencies between Messages in Dialogs PDF
Wenchao Du, Pascal Poupart, Wei Xu
Robust and Efficient Transfer Learning with Hidden Parameter Markov Decision Processes PDF
Taylor W. Killian, George Konidaris, Finale Doshi-Velez
Semantic Interpretation of Social Network Communities PDF
Tushar Maheshwari, Aishwarya N. Reganti, Upendra Kumar, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Amitava Das
PAG2ADMG: A Novel Methodology to Enumerate Causal Graph Structures PDF
Nishant Subramani, Doug Downey

Doctoral Consortium

Accelerating Multiagent Reinforcement Learning through Transfer Learning PDF
Felipe Leno da Silva, Anna Helena Reali Costa

What's Hot

What's Hot in Case-Based Reasoning PDF
Ashok Goel, Belen Diaz-Agudo

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