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SnapNETS: Automatic Segmentation of Network Sequences with Node Labels PDF
Sorour E. Amiri, Liangzhe Chen, B. Aditya Prakash

Artificial Intelligence and the Web

POI2Vec: Geographical Latent Representation for Predicting Future Visitors PDF
Shanshan Feng, Gao Cong, Bo An, Yeow Meng Chee
Random-Radius Ball Method for Estimating Closeness Centrality PDF
Wataru Inariba, Takuya Akiba, Yuichi Yoshida
Multi-Task Deep Learning for User Intention Understanding in Speech Interaction Systems PDF
Yishuang Ning, Jia Jia, Zhiyong Wu, Runnan Li, Yongsheng An, Yanfeng Wang, Helen Meng

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Market Pricing for Data Streams PDF
Melika Abolhassani, Hossein Esfandiari, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Brendan Lucier, Hadi Yami
Automated Design of Robust Mechanisms PDF
Michael Albert, Vincent Conitzer, Peter Stone
Incentivising Monitoring in Open Normative Systems PDF
Natasha Alechina, Joseph Y. Halpern, Ian A. Kash, Brian Logan
Envy-Free Mechanisms with Minimum Number of Cuts PDF
Reza Alijani, Majid Farhadi, Mohammad Ghodsi, Masoud Seddighin, Ahmad S. Tajik
Strategic Signaling and Free Information Disclosure in Auctions PDF
Shani Alkoby, David Sarne, Igal Milchtaich
Complexity of Manipulating Sequential Allocation PDF
Haris Aziz, Sylvain Bouveret, Jérôme Lang, Simon Mackenzie
Algorithms for Max-Min Share Fair Allocation of Indivisible Chores PDF
Haris Aziz, Gerhard Rauchecker, Guido Schryen, Toby Walsh
Security Games on a Plane PDF
Jiarui Gan, Bo An, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Brian Gauch
Vote Until Two of You Agree: Mechanisms with Small Distortion and Sample Complexity PDF
Stephen Gross, Elliot Anshelevich, Lirong Xia
Optimal Personalized Defense Strategy Against Man-In-The-Middle Attack PDF
Xiaohong Li, Shuxin Li, Jianye Hao, Zhiyong Feng, Bo An
Revenue Maximization for Finitely Repeated Ad Auctions PDF
Jiang Rong, Tao Qin, Bo An, Tie-Yan Liu
Mechanism Design for Multi-Type Housing Markets PDF
Sujoy Sikdar, Sibel Adali, Lirong Xia
Proper Proxy Scoring Rules PDF
Jens Witkowski, Pavel Atanasov, Lyle H. Ungar, Andreas Krause

Heuristic Search and Optimization

Embedded Bandits for Large-Scale Black-Box Optimization PDF
Abdullah Al-Dujaili, S. Suresh
Reactive Dialectic Search Portfolios for MaxSAT PDF
Carlos Ansótegui, Josep Pon, Meinolf Sellmann, Kevin Tierney
Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization for Deep Learning Algorithms Using Deterministic RBF Surrogates PDF
Ilija Ilievski, Taimoor Akhtar, Jiashi Feng, Christine Annette Shoemaker

Human-Aware Artificial Intelligence

Examples-Rules Guided Deep Neural Network for Makeup Recommendation PDF
Taleb Alashkar, Songyao Jiang, Shuyang Wang, Yun Fu
Predicting Latent Narrative Mood Using Audio and Physiologic Data PDF
Tuka Waddah AlHanai, Mohammad Mahdi Ghassemi

Humans and Artificial Intelligence

The Benefit in Free Information Disclosure When Selling Information to People PDF
Shani Alkoby, David Sarne

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

On the Computation of Paracoherent Answer Sets PDF
Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, Francesco Ricca
Polynomially Bounded Logic Programs with Function Symbols: A New Decidable PDF
Vernon Asuncion, Yan Zhang, Heng Zhang

Machine Learning Applications

Explicit Defense Actions Against Test-Set Attacks PDF
Scott Alfeld, Xiaojin Zhu, Paul Barford
Personalized Donor-Recipient Matching for Organ Transplantation PDF
Jinsung Yoon, Ahmed M. Alaa, Martin Cadeiras, Mihaela van der Schaar

Machine Learning Methods

Learning Bayesian Networks with Incomplete Data by Augmentation PDF
Tameem Adel, Cassio P. de Campos
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with a Relaxed Covariate Shift Assumption PDF
Tameem Adel, Han Zhao, Alexander Wong
Scalable Optimization of Multivariate Performance Measures in Multi-instance Multi-label Learning PDF
Apoorv Aggarwal, Sandip Ghoshal, Ankith M. S. Shetty, Suhit Sinha, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Purushottam Kar, Prateek Jain
The Bernstein Mechanism: Function Release under Differential Privacy PDF
Francesco Aldà, Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein
Heavy-Tailed Analogues of the Covariance Matrix for ICA PDF
Joseph Anderson, Navin Goyal, Anupama Nandi, Luis Rademacher
Fast Generalized Distillation for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation PDF
Shuang Ao, Xiang Li, Charles X. Ling
Denoising Criterion for Variational Auto-Encoding Framework PDF
Daniel Im Jiwoong Im, Sungjin Ahn, Roland Memisevic, Yoshua Bengio
Efficient Ordered Combinatorial Semi-Bandits for Whole-Page Recommendation PDF
Yingfei Wang, Hua Ouyang, Chu Wang, Jianhui Chen, Tsvetan Asamov, Yi Chang

Multiagent Systems

Improving Surveillance Using Cooperative Target Observation PDF
Rashi Aswani, Sai Krishna Munnangi, Praveen Paruchuri
Kont: Computing Tradeoffs in Normative Multiagent Systems PDF
Ozgur Kafali, Nirav Ajmeri, Munindar P. Singh

Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation

Prerequisite Skills for Reading Comprehension: Multi-Perspective Analysis of MCTest Datasets and Systems PDF
Saku Sugawara, Hikaru Yokono, Akiko Aizawa

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Distinguish Polarity in Bag-of-Words Visualization PDF
Yusheng Xie, Zhengzhang Chen, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary

Planning and Scheduling

Plan Reordering and Parallel Execution — A Parameterized Complexity View PDF
Meysam Aghighi, Christer Bäckström
Incorporating Domain-Independent Planning Heuristics in Hierarchical Planning PDF
Vikas Shivashankar, Ron Alford, David W. Aha

Reasoning under Uncertainty

Minimal Undefinedness for Fuzzy Answer Sets PDF
Mario Alviano, Giovanni Amendola, Rafael Peñaloza


Deep Learning Quadcopter Control via Risk-Aware Active Learning PDF
Olov Andersson, Mariusz Wzorek, Patrick Doherty
Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Unsupervised Activity Analysis on an Autonomous Mobile Robot PDF
Paul Duckworth, Muhannad Alomari, James Charles, David C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn

Search and Constraint Satisfaction

RQUERY: Rewriting Natural Language Queries on Knowledge Graphs to Alleviate the Vocabulary Mismatch Problem PDF
Saeedeh Shekarpour, Edgard Marx, Sören Auer, Amit Sheth


Inception-v4, Inception-ResNet and the Impact of Residual Connections on Learning PDF
Christian Szegedy, Sergey Ioffe, Vincent Vanhoucke, Alexander A Alemi

Special Track on Cognitive Systems

Natural Language Acquisition and Grounding for Embodied Robotic Systems PDF
Muhannad Alomari, Paul Duckworth, David C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn
Towards Continuous Scientific Data Analysis and Hypothesis Evolution PDF
Yolanda Gil, Daniel Garijo, Varun Ratnakar, Rajiv Mayani, Ravali Adusumilli, Hunter Boyce, Arunima Srivastava, Parag Mallick
Flexible Model Induction through Heuristic Process Discovery PDF
Pat Langley, Adam Arvay

EAAI Symposium Poster Papers

AI Projects for Computer Science Capstone Classes (Extended Abstract) PDF
Matthew E. Taylor, Sakire Arslan Ay

EAAI Model AI Assignments

Model AI Assignments 2017 PDF
Todd W. Neller, Joshua Eckroth, Sravana Reddy, Joshua Ziegler, Jason Bindewald, Gilbert Peterson, Thomas Way, Paula Matuszek, Lillian Cassel, Mary-Angela Papalaskari, Carol Weiss, Ariel Anders, Sertac Karaman

Senior Member Blue Sky

The AI Rebellion: Changing the Narrative PDF
David W. Aha, Alexandra Coman

Student Abstracts

Improving Performance of Analogue Readout Layers for Photonic Reservoir Computers with Online Learning PDF
Piotr Antonik, Marc Haelterman, Serge Massar
Chaotic Time Series Prediction Using a Photonic Reservoir Computer with Output Feedback PDF
Piotr Antonik, Michiel Hermans, Marc Haelterman, Serge Massar
Improving Greedy Best-First Search by Removing Unintended Search Bias (Extended Abstract) PDF
Masataro Asai, Alex Fukunaga
Frame-Based Ontology Alignment PDF
Luigi Asprino, Valentina Presutti, Aldo Gangemi, Paolo Ciancarini
Wikitop: Using Wikipedia Category Network to Generate Topic Trees PDF
Saravana Kumar, Prasath Rengarajan, Arockia Xavier Annie
A Systematic Practice of Judging the Success of a Robotic Grasp Using Convolutional Neural Network PDF
Hengshuang Liu, Pengcheng Ai, Junling Chen

Doctoral Consortium

Explainable Image Understanding Using Vision and Reasoning PDF
Somak Aditya
Problem Formulation for Accommodation Support in Plan-Based Interactive Narratives PDF
Adam Amos-Binks
An Evolutionary Algorithm Based Framework for Task Allocation in Multi-Robot Teams PDF
Muhammad Usman Arif

What's Hot

Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC) PDF
Catholijn M. Jonker, Reyhan Aydogan, Tim Baarslag, Katsuhide Fujita, Takayuki Ito, Koen Hindriks


Natural Language Dialogue for Building and Learning Models and Structures PDF
Ian Perera, James F. Allen, Lucian Galescu, Choh Man Teng, Mark Burstein, Scott Friedman, David McDonald, Jeffrey Rye

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