AAAI Publications, Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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CoCoA: A Non-Iterative Approach to a Local Search (A)DCOP Solver
Cornelis Jan van Leeuwen, Przemyslaw Pawelczak

Last modified: 2017-02-12


We propose a novel incomplete cooperative algorithm for distributed constraint optimization problems (DCOPs) denoted as Cooperative Constraint Approximation (CoCoA). The key strategy of the algorithm is to use a semi-greedy approach in which knowledge is distributed amongst neighboring agents, and assigning a value only once instead of an iterative approach. Furthermore, CoCoA uses a unique-first approach to improve the solution quality. It is designed such that it can solve DCOPs as well as Asymmetric DCOPS, with only few messages being communicated between neighboring agents. Experimentally, through evaluating graph coloring problems, randomized (A)DCOPs, and a sensor network communication problem, we show that CoCoA is able to very quickly find solutions of high quality with a smaller communication overhead than state-of-the-art DCOP solvers such as DSA, MGM-2, ACLS, MCS-MGM and Max-Sum. In our asymmetric use case problem of a sensor network, we show that CoCoA not only finds the best solution, but also finds this solution faster than any other algorithm.


DCOP; Constraint Satisfaction; Incomplete; Non-iterative

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