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Technical Papers: AI and the Web

Top-N Recommender System via Matrix Completion PDF
Zhao Kang, Chong Peng, Qiang Cheng
Understanding Emerging Spatial Entities PDF
Jinyoung Yeo, Jin-woo Park, Seung-won Hwang

Technical Papers: Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

An Algorithmic Framework for Strategic Fair Division PDF
Simina Brânzei, Ioannis Caragiannis, David Kurokawa, Ariel D. Procaccia
When Can the Maximin Share Guarantee Be Guaranteed? PDF
David Kurokawa, Ariel D. Procaccia, Junxing Wang
Complexity of Hedonic Games with Dichotomous Preferences PDF
Dominik Peters
Graphical Hedonic Games of Bounded Treewidth PDF
Dominik Peters
Preferences Single-Peaked on Nice Trees PDF
Dominik Peters, Edith Elkind
Fast Optimal Clearing of Capped-Chain Barter Exchanges PDF
Benjamin Plaut, John P. Dickerson, Tuomas Sandholm
Optimal Aggregation of Uncertain Preferences PDF
Ariel D. Procaccia, Nisarg Shah

Technical Papers: Heuristic Search and Optimization

Local Search for Hard SAT Formulas: The Strength of the Polynomial Law PDF
Sixue Liu, Periklis A. Papakonstantinou
Fast ADMM Algorithm for Distributed Optimization with Adaptive Penalty PDF
Changkyu Song, Sejong Yoon, Vladimir Pavlovic

Technical Papers: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Verifying ConGolog Programs on Bounded Situation Calculus Theories PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lespérance, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian Sardina
Basic Probabilistic Ontological Data Exchange with Existential Rules PDF
Thomas Lukasiewicz, Maria Vanina Martinez, Livia Predoiu, Gerardo I. Simari
'Knowing Whether' in Proper Epistemic Knowledge Bases PDF
Tim Miller, Paolo Felli, Christian Muise, Adrian Pearce, Liz Sonenberg
Scalable Training of Markov Logic Networks Using Approximate Counting PDF
Somdeb Sarkhel, Deepak Venugopal, Tuan Anh Pham, Parag Singla, Vibhav Gogate
Metaphysics of Planning Domain Descriptions PDF
Siddharth Srivastava, Stuart Russell, Alessandro Pinto

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Applications

Differential Privacy Preservation for Deep Auto-Encoders: an Application of Human Behavior Prediction PDF
NhatHai Phan, Yue Wang, Xintao Wu, Dejing Dou
Collective Noise Contrastive Estimation for Policy Transfer Learning PDF
Weinan Zhang, Ulrich Paquet, Katja Hofmann

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Methods

Incremental Stochastic Factorization for Online Reinforcement Learning PDF
Andre M. S. Barreto, Rafael L. Beirigo, Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Progressive EM for Latent Tree Models and Hierarchical Topic Detection PDF
Peixian Chen, Nevin L. Zhang, Leonard K. M. Poon, Zhourong Chen
Indexable Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Maximum Inner Product Search PDF
Marco Fraccaro, Ulrich Paquet, Ole Winther
Decentralized Approximate Bayesian Inference for Distributed Sensor Network PDF
Behnam Gholami, Sejong Yoon, Vladimir Pavlovic
How Important Is Weight Symmetry in Backpropagation? PDF
Qianli Liao, Joel Z. Leibo, Tomaso Poggio
Sparse Latent Space Policy Search PDF
Kevin Sebastian Luck, Joni Pajarinen, Erik Berger, Ville Kyrki, Heni Ben Amor
Offline Evaluation of Online Reinforcement Learning Algorithms PDF
Travis Mandel, Yun-En Liu, Emma Brunskill, Zoran Popović
Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs PDF
Maximilian Nickel, Lorenzo Rosasco, Tomaso Poggio
Efficient PAC-Optimal Exploration in Concurrent, Continuous State MDPs with Delayed Updates PDF
Jason Pazis, Ronald Parr
Viral Clustering: A Robust Method to Extract Structures in Heterogeneous Datasets PDF
Vahan Petrosyan, Alexandre Proutiere
Inverse Reinforcement Learning through Policy Gradient Minimization PDF
Matteo Pirotta, Marcello Restelli
Marginalized Continuous Time Bayesian Networks for Network Reconstruction from Incomplete Observations PDF
Lukas Studer, Loic Paulevé, Christoph Zechner, Matthias Reumann, María Rodríguez Martínez, Heinz Koeppl
Linear-Time Learning on Distributions with Approximate Kernel Embeddings PDF
Dougal J. Sutherland, Junier B. Oliva, Barnabás Póczos, Jeff Schneider
Multitask Generalized Eigenvalue Program PDF
Boyu Wang, Joelle Pineau, Borja Balle
DinTucker: Scaling Up Gaussian Process Models on Large Multidimensional Arrays PDF
Shandian Zhe, Yuan Qi, Youngja Park, Zenglin Xu, Ian Molloy, Suresh Chari
Transfer Learning for Cross-Language Text Categorization through Active Correspondences Construction PDF
Joey Tianyi Zhou, Sinno Jialin Pan, Ivor W. Tsang, Shen-Shyang Ho

Technical Papers: Multiagent Systems

Multi-Variable Agents Decomposition for DCOPs PDF
Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh, Enrico Pontelli
Bayesian Learning of Other Agents' Finite Controllers for Interactive POMDPs PDF
Alessandro Panella, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz

Technical Papers: NLP and Knowledge Representation

Fine-Grained Semantic Conceptualization of FrameNet PDF
Jin-woo Park, Seung-won Hwang, Haixun Wang
PEAK: Pyramid Evaluation via Automated Knowledge Extraction PDF
Qian Yang, Rebecca J. Passonneau, Gerard de Melo

Technical Papers: NLP and Machine Learning

Text Matching as Image Recognition PDF
Liang Pang, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Shengxian Wan, Xueqi Cheng
Learning Statistical Scripts with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Karl Pichotta, Raymond J. Mooney
A Deep Architecture for Semantic Matching with Multiple Positional Sentence Representations PDF
Shengxian Wan, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Liang Pang, Xueqi Cheng
Minimally-Constrained Multilingual Embeddings via Artificial Code-Switching PDF
Michael Wick, Pallika Kanani, Adam Pocock

Technical Papers: NLP and Text Mining

Collective Supervision of Topic Models for Predicting Surveys with Social Media PDF
Adrian Benton, Michael J. Paul, Braden Hancock, Mark Dredze
Discovering User Attribute Stylistic Differences via Paraphrasing PDF
Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, Wei Xu, Lyle Ungar

Technical Papers: Search and Constraint Satisfaction

Component Caching in Hybrid Domains with Piecewise Polynomial Densities PDF
Vaishak Belle, Guy Van den Broeck, Andrea Passerini
Alternative Filtering for the Weighted Circuit Constraint: Comparing Lower Bounds for the TSP and Solving TSPTW PDF
Sylvain Ducomman, Hadrien Cambazard, Bernard Penz
Exponential Recency Weighted Average Branching Heuristic for SAT Solvers PDF
Jia Hui Liang, Vijay Ganesh, Pascal Poupart, Krzysztof Czarnecki
Counting-Based Search for Constraint Optimization Problems PDF
Gilles Pesant

Technical Papers: Robotics

Distance Minimization for Reward Learning from Scored Trajectories PDF
Benjamin Burchfiel, Carlo Tomasi, Ronald Parr
Deep Tracking: Seeing Beyond Seeing Using Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Peter Ondruska, Ingmar Posner

Technical Papers: Vision

Face Video Retrieval via Deep Learning of Binary Hash Representations PDF
Zhen Dong, Su Jia, Tianfu Wu, Mingtao Pei
Group Cost-Sensitive Boosting for Multi-Resolution Pedestrian Detection PDF
Chao Zhu, Yuxin Peng

Special Track: Cognitive Systems

MIDCA: A Metacognitive, Integrated Dual-Cycle Architecture for Self-Regulated Autonomy PDF
Michael T. Cox, Zohreh Alavi, Dustin Dannenhauer, Vahid Eyorokon, Hector Munoz-Avila, Don Perlis
Visual Learning of Arithmetic Operation PDF
Yedid Hoshen, Shmuel Peleg
Modeling Human Ad Hoc Coordination PDF
Peter M. Krafft, Chris L. Baker, Alex "Sandy" Pentland, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Unsupervised Lexical Simplification for Non-Native Speakers PDF
Gustavo H. Paetzold, Lucia Specia
QART: A System for Real-Time Holistic Quality Assurance for Contact Center Dialogues PDF
Shourya Roy, Ragunathan Mariappan, Sandipan Dandapat, Saurabh Srivastava, Sainyam Galhotra, Balaji Peddamuthu
Building End-To-End Dialogue Systems Using Generative Hierarchical Neural Network Models PDF
Iulian V. Serban, Alessandro Sordoni, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville, Joelle Pineau

Special Track: Computational Sustainability

An Axiomatic Framework for Ex-Ante Dynamic Pricing Mechanisms in Smart Grid PDF
Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Ramasuri Narayanam, Pratyush Kumar, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Vijay Arya, Iskandarbin Petra
Big-Data Mechanisms and Energy-Policy Design PDF
Ankit Pat, Kate Larson, Srinivasen Keshav

Special Track: Integrated AI Capabilities

Affective Personalization of a Social Robot Tutor for Children’s Second Language Skills PDF
Goren Gordon, Samuel Spaulding, Jacqueline Kory Westlund, Jin Joo Lee, Luke Plummer, Marayna Martinez, Madhurima Das, Cynthia Breazeal

EAAI Symposium Full Paper

The Turing Test in the Classroom PDF
Lisa Torrey, Karen Johnson, Sid Sondergard, Pedro Ponce, Laura Desmond

EAAI Symposium Poster Paper

Using Declarative Programming in an Introductory Computer Science Course for High School Students PDF
Maritza Reyes, Cynthia Perez, Rocky Upchurch, Timothy Yuen, Yuanlin Zhang

Senior Member Blue Sky Papers

Five Dimensions of Reasoning in the Wild PDF
Don Perlis
Ethical Dilemmas for Adaptive Persuasion Systems PDF
Oliviero Stock, Marco Guerini, Fabio Pianesi

Senior Member Summary Talks

Rational Verification: From Model Checking to Equilibrium Checking PDF
Michael Wooldridge, Julian Gutierrez, Paul Harrenstein, Enrico Marchioni, Giuseppe Perelli, Alexis Toumi

Student Abstracts

BRBA: A Blocking-Based Association Rule Hiding Method PDF
Peng Cheng, Ivan Lee, Li Li, Kuo-Kun Tseng, Jeng-Shyang Pan
Decision Sum-Product-Max Networks PDF
Mazen Melibari, Pascal Poupart, Prashant Doshi
Human-Robot Trust and Cooperation Through a Game Theoretic Framework PDF
Erin Paeng, Jane Wu, James C. Boerkoel
Efficient Collaborative Crowdsourcing PDF
Zhengxiang Pan, Han Yu, Chunyan Miao, Cyril Leung
SPAN: Understanding a Question with Its Support Answers PDF
Liang Pang, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Xueqi Cheng
Towards Structural Tractability in Hedonic Games PDF
Dominik Peters
Heuristic Planning for Hybrid Systems PDF
Wiktor Mateusz Piotrowski, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni, Fabio Mercorio
Counter-Transitivity in Argument Ranking Semantics PDF
Fuan Pu, Jian Luo, Guiming Luo
Direct Discriminative Bag Mapping for Multi-Instance Learning PDF
Jia Wu, Shirui Pan, Peng Zhang, Xingquan Zhu

What's Hot Papers

What's Hot in Intelligent User Interfaces PDF
Shimei Pan, Oliver Brdiczka, Giuseppe Carenini, Duen Horng Chau, Per Ola Kristensson
General Video Game AI: Competition, Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Diego Perez-Liebana, Spyridon Samothrakis, Julian Togelius, Tom Schaul, Simon M. Lucas

Demonstration Papers

co-rank: An Online Tool for Collectively Deciding Efficient Rankings Among Peers PDF
Ioannis Caragiannis, George A. Krimpas, Marianna Panteli, Alexandros A. Voudouris
Deploying PAWS to Combat Poaching: Game-Theoretic Patrolling in Areas with Complex Terrain (Demonstration) PDF
Fei Fang, Thanh H. Nguyen, Rob Pickles, Wai Y. Lam, Gopalasamy R. Clements, Bo An, Amandeep Singh, Milind Tambe
NLU Framework for Voice Enabling Non-Native Applications on Smart Devices PDF
Soujanya Lanka, Deepika Pathania, Pooja Kushalappa, Pradeep Varakantham
BBookX: Building Online Open Books for Personalized Learning PDF
Chen Liang, Shuting Wang, Zhaohui Wu, Kyle Williams, Bart Pursel, Benjamin Brautigam, Sherwyn Saul, Hannah Williams, Kyle Bowen, C. Lee Giles
An Image Analysis Environment for Species Identification of Food Contaminating Beetles PDF
Daniel Martin, Hongjian Ding, Leihong Wu, Howard Semey, Amy Barnes, Darryl Langley, Su Inn Park, Zhichao Liu, Weida Tong, Joshua Xu
WWDS APIs: Application Programming Interfaces for Efficient Manipulation of World WordNet Database Structure PDF
Hanumant Redkar, Sudha Bhingardive, Kevin Patel, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Neha Prabhugaonkar, Apurva Nagvenkar, Ramdas Karmali
Productive Aging through Intelligent Personalized Crowdsourcing PDF
Han Yu, Chunyan Miao, Siyuan Liu, Zhengxiang Pan, Nur Syahidah Bte Khalid, Zhiqi Shen, Cyril Leung

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