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Technical Papers: AI and the Web

Fusing Social Networks with Deep Learning for Volunteerism Tendency Prediction PDF
Yongpo Jia, Xuemeng Song, Jingbo Zhou, Li Liu, Liqiang Nie, David S. Rosenblum
Fortune Teller: Predicting Your Career Path PDF
Ye Liu, Luming Zhang, Liqiang Nie, Yan Yan, David S. Rosenblum

Technical Papers: Heuristic Search and Optimization

Solving the Station Repacking Problem PDF
Alexandre Fréchette, Neil Newman, Kevin Leyton-Brown
Learning to Branch in Mixed Integer Programming PDF
Elias Boutros Khalil, Pierre Le Bodic, Le Song, George Nemhauser, Bistra Dilkina

Technical Papers: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Zero-Suppressed Sentential Decision Diagrams PDF
Masaaki Nishino, Norihito Yasuda, Shin-ichi Minato, Masaaki Nagata
Complexity Results and Algorithms for Extension Enforcement in Abstract Argumentation PDF
Johannes P. Wallner, Andreas Niskanen, Matti Järvisalo

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Applications

Graph-without-cut: An Ideal Graph Learning for Image Segmentation PDF
Lianli Gao, Jingkuan Song, Feiping Nie, Fuhao Zou, Nicu Sebe, Heng Tao Shen
Learning Tractable Probabilistic Models for Fault Localization PDF
Aniruddh Nath, Pedro Domingos
Unsupervised Feature Selection with Structured Graph Optimization PDF
Feiping Nie, Wei Zhu, Xuelong Li
Recommending Groups to Users Using User-Group Engagement and Time-Dependent Matrix Factorization PDF
Xin Wang, Roger Donaldson, Christopher Nell, Peter Gorniak, Martin Ester, Jiajun Bu

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Methods

Learning Step Size Controllers for Robust Neural Network Training PDF
Christian Daniel, Jonathan Taylor, Sebastian Nowozin
Discriminative Vanishing Component Analysis PDF
Chenping Hou, Feiping Nie, Dacheng Tao
Infinite Plaid Models for Infinite Bi-Clustering PDF
Katsuhiko Ishiguro, Issei Sato, Masahiro Nakano, Akisato Kimura, Naonori Ueda
All-in Text: Learning Document, Label, and Word Representations Jointly PDF
Jinseok Nam, Eneldo Loza Mencía, Johannes Fürnkranz
Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs PDF
Maximilian Nickel, Lorenzo Rosasco, Tomaso Poggio
New l1-Norm Relaxations and Optimizations for Graph Clustering PDF
Feiping Nie, Hua Wang, Cheng Deng, Xinbo Gao, Xuelong Li, Heng Huang
The Constrained Laplacian Rank Algorithm for Graph-Based Clustering PDF
Feiping Nie, Xiaoqian Wang, Michael I. Jordan, Heng Huang
Model-Free Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning PDF
Christian Wirth, Johannes Fürnkranz, Gerhard Neumann
Learning Continuous-Time Bayesian Networks in Relational Domains: A Non-Parametric Approach PDF
Shuo Yang, Tushar Khot, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan

Technical Papers: Multiagent Systems

Complexity of Shift Bribery in Committee Elections PDF
Robert Bredereck, Piotr Faliszewski, Rolf Niedermeier, Nimrod Talmon
Frugal Bribery in Voting PDF
Palash Dey, Neeldhara Misra, Y. Narahari

Technical Papers: NLP and Knowledge Representation

ExTaSem! Extending, Taxonomizing and Semantifying Domain Terminologies PDF
Luis Espinosa-Anke, Horacio Saggion, Francesco Ronzano, Roberto Navigli

Technical Papers: NLP and Text Mining

Joint Inference over a Lightly Supervised Information Extraction Pipeline: Towards Event Coreference Resolution for Resource-Scarce Languages PDF
Chen Chen, Vincent Ng
To Swap or Not to Swap? Exploiting Dependency Word Pairs for Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation PDF
Christian Hadiwinoto, Yang Liu, Hwee Tou Ng
Topical Analysis of Interactions Between News and Social Media PDF
Ting Hua, Yue Ning, Feng Chen, Chang-Tien Lu, Naren Ramakrishnan

Technical Papers: Planning and Scheduling

Truncated Approximate Dynamic Programming with Task-Dependent Terminal Value PDF
Amir-massoud Farahmand, Daniel N. Nikovski, Yuji Igarashi, Hiroki Konaka
Approximation Algorithms for Route Planning with Nonlinear Objectives PDF
Ger Yang, Evdokia Nikolova

Technical Papers: Reasoning under Uncertainty

Scaling Relational Inference Using Proofs and Refutations PDF
Ravi Mangal, Xin Zhang, Aditya Kamath, Aditya V. Nori, Mayur Naik
Learning Bayesian Networks with Bounded Tree-width via Guided Search PDF
Siqi Nie, Cassio P. de Campos, Qiang Ji

Technical Papers: Robotics

Continual Planning in Golog PDF
Till Hofmann, Tim Niemueller, Jens Claßen, Gerhard Lakemeyer

Special Track: Cognitive Systems

Modeling Human Understanding of Complex Intentional Action with a Bayesian Nonparametric Subgoal Model PDF
Ryo Nakahashi, Chris L. Baker, Joshua B. Tenenbaum

Special Track: Computational Sustainability

An Axiomatic Framework for Ex-Ante Dynamic Pricing Mechanisms in Smart Grid PDF
Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Ramasuri Narayanam, Pratyush Kumar, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Vijay Arya, Iskandarbin Petra
Adaptable Regression Method for Ensemble Consensus Forecasting PDF
John K. Williams, Peter P. Neilley, Joseph P. Koval, Jeff McDonald

EAAI Symposium Full Paper

Learning and Using Hand Abstraction Values for Parameterized Poker Squares PDF
Todd W. Neller, Colin M. Messinger, Zuozhi Yang
From the Lab to the Classroom and Beyond: Extending a Game-Based Research Platform for Teaching AI to Diverse Audiences PDF
Nicole Sintov, Debarun Kar, Thanh Nguyen, Fei Fang, Kevin Hoffman, Arnaud Lyet, Milind Tambe
A Survey of Current Practice and Teaching of AI PDF
Michael Wollowski, Robert Selkowitz, Laura E. Brown, Ashok Goel, George Luger, Jim Marshall, Andrew Neel, Todd Neller, Peter Norvig

EAAI Symposium Model AI Assignments

Model AI Assignments 2016 PDF
Todd W. Neller, Laura E. Brown, James B. Marshall, Lisa Torrey, Nate Derbinsky, Andrew A. Ward, Thomas E. Allen, Judy Goldsmith, Nahom Muluneh

Student Abstracts

Trust and Distrust Across Coalitions: Shapley Value Based Centrality Measures for Signed Networks (Student Abstract Version) PDF
Varun Gangal, Abhishek Narwekar, Balaraman Ravindran, Ramasuri Narayanam
Connecting the Dots Using Contextual Information Hidden in Text and Images PDF
Md Abdul Kader, Sheikh Motahar Naim, Arnold P. Boedihardjo, M. Shahriar Hossain
Monte Carlo Tree Search for Multi-Robot Task Allocation PDF
Bilal Kartal, Ernesto Nunes, Julio Godoy, Maria Gini
A Word Embedding and a Josa Vector for Korean Unsupervised Semantic Role Induction PDF
Kyeong-Min Nam, Yu-Seop Kim
Conquering Adversary Behavioral Uncertainty in Security Games: An Efficient Modeling Robust Based Algorithm PDF
Thanh Hong Nguyen, Arunesh Sinha, Milind Tambe
Bayesian AutoEncoder: Generation of Bayesian Networks with Hidden Nodes for Features PDF
Kaneharu Nishino, Mary Inaba

Demonstration Papers

SVVAMP: Simulator of Various Voting Algorithms in Manipulating Populations PDF
François Durand, Fabien Mathieu, Ludovic Noirie
Deploying PAWS to Combat Poaching: Game-Theoretic Patrolling in Areas with Complex Terrain (Demonstration) PDF
Fei Fang, Thanh H. Nguyen, Rob Pickles, Wai Y. Lam, Gopalasamy R. Clements, Bo An, Amandeep Singh, Milind Tambe
Modeling and Experimentation Framework for Fuzzy Cognitive Maps PDF
Maikel Leon Espinosa, Gonzalo Napoles Ruiz
WWDS APIs: Application Programming Interfaces for Efficient Manipulation of World WordNet Database Structure PDF
Hanumant Redkar, Sudha Bhingardive, Kevin Patel, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Neha Prabhugaonkar, Apurva Nagvenkar, Ramdas Karmali

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