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Technical Papers: AI and the Web

"8 Amazing Secrets for Getting More Clicks": Detecting Clickbaits in News Streams Using Article Informality PDF
Prakhar Biyani, Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis, John Blackmer
ClaimEval: Integrated and Flexible Framework for Claim Evaluation Using Credibility of Sources PDF
Mehdi Samadi, Partha Talukdar, Manuela Veloso, Manuel Blum
On the Effectiveness of Linear Models for One-Class Collaborative Filtering PDF
Suvash Sedhain, Aditya Krishna Menon, Scott Sanner, Darius Braziunas
Recommendation with Social Dimensions PDF
Jiliang Tang, Suhang Wang, Xia Hu, Dawei Yin, Yingzhou Bi, Yi Chang, Huan Liu

Technical Papers: Game Playing and Interactive Entertainment

Reuse of Neural Modules for General Video Game Playing PDF
Alexander Braylan, Mark Hollenbeck, Elliot Meyerson, Risto Miikkulainen

Technical Papers: Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Computing Possible and Necessary Equilibrium Actions (and Bipartisan Set Winners) PDF
Markus Brill, Rupert Freeman, Vincent Conitzer
A Security Game Combining Patrolling and Alarm-Triggered Responses Under Spatial and Detection Uncertainties PDF
Nicola Basilico, Giuseppe De Nittis, Nicola Gatti
Learning Market Parameters Using Aggregate Demand Queries PDF
Xiaohui Bei, Wei Chen, Jugal Garg, Martin Hoefer, Xiaoming Sun
An Algorithmic Framework for Strategic Fair Division PDF
Simina Brânzei, Ioannis Caragiannis, David Kurokawa, Ariel D. Procaccia
One Size Does Not Fit All: A Game-Theoretic Approach for Dynamically and Effectively Screening for Threats PDF
Matthew Brown, Arunesh Sinha, Aaron Schlenker, Milind Tambe
Strategy-Based Warm Starting for Regret Minimization in Games PDF
Noam Brown, Tuomas Sandholm
Using Correlated Strategies for Computing Stackelberg Equilibria in Extensive-Form Games PDF
Jiri Cermak, Branislav Bosansky, Karel Durkota, Viliam Lisy, Christopher Kiekintveld
Rules for Choosing Societal Tradeoffs PDF
Vincent Conitzer, Rupert Freeman, Markus Brill, Yuqian Li
Counterfactual Regret Minimization in Sequential Security Games PDF
Viliam Lisy, Trevor Davis, Michael Bowling

Technical Papers: Heuristic Search and Optimization

CAPReS: Context Aware Persona Based Recommendation for Shoppers PDF
Joydeep Banerjee, Gurulingesh Raravi, Manoj Gupta, Sindhu K. Ernala, Shruti Kunde, Koustuv Dasgupta

Technical Papers: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

A Semantical Analysis of Second-Order Propositional Modal Logic PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Wiebe van der Hoek
A First-Order Logic of Probability and Only Knowing in Unbounded Domains PDF
Vaishak Belle, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Hector Levesque
Explaining Inconsistency-Tolerant Query Answering over Description Logic Knowledge Bases PDF
Meghyn Bienvenu, Camille Bourgaux, François Goasdoué
Automated Verification and Tightening of Failure Propagation Models PDF
Benjamin Bittner, Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti, Gianni Zampedri
A Comparative Study of Ranking-Based Semantics for Abstract Argumentation PDF
Elise Bonzon, Jérôme Delobelle, Sébastien Konieczny, Nicolas Maudet
Beyond OWL 2 QL in OBDA: Rewritings and Approximations PDF
Elena Botoeva, Diego Calvanese, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio Savo, Alessandro Solimando, Guohui Xiao
SDDs Are Exponentially More Succinct than OBDDs PDF
Simone Bova

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Applications

On the Performance of GoogLeNet and AlexNet Applied to Sketches PDF
Pedro Ballester, Ricardo Matsumura Araujo
Bayesian Inference of Recursive Sequences of Group Activities from Tracks PDF
Ernesto Brau, Colin Dawson, Alfredo Carrillo, David Sidi, Clayton T. Morrison
MOOCs Meet Measurement Theory: A Topic-Modelling Approach PDF
Jiazhen He, Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein, James Bailey, Rui Zhang, Sandra Milligan, Jeffrey Chan
Random Mixed Field Model for Mixed-Attribute Data Restoration PDF
Qiang Li, Wei Bian, Richard Yi Da Xu, Jane You, Dacheng Tao
Recommending Groups to Users Using User-Group Engagement and Time-Dependent Matrix Factorization PDF
Xin Wang, Roger Donaldson, Christopher Nell, Peter Gorniak, Martin Ester, Jiajun Bu

Technical Papers: Machine Learning Methods

Data Poisoning Attacks against Autoregressive Models PDF
Scott Alfeld, Xiaojin Zhu, Paul Barford
Approximate K-Means++ in Sublinear Time PDF
Olivier Bachem, Mario Lucic, S. Hamed Hassani, Andreas Krause
Incremental Stochastic Factorization for Online Reinforcement Learning PDF
Andre M. S. Barreto, Rafael L. Beirigo, Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
SAND: Semi-Supervised Adaptive Novel Class Detection and Classification over Data Stream PDF
Ahsanul Haque, Latifur Khan, Michael Baron
Conservativeness of Untied Auto-Encoders PDF
Daniel Jiwoong Im, Mohamed Ishmael Belghazi, Roland Memisevic
Uncorrelated Group LASSO PDF
Deguang Kong, Ji Liu, Bo Liu, Xuan Bao
Sparse Latent Space Policy Search PDF
Kevin Sebastian Luck, Joni Pajarinen, Erik Berger, Ville Kyrki, Heni Ben Amor
Offline Evaluation of Online Reinforcement Learning Algorithms PDF
Travis Mandel, Yun-En Liu, Emma Brunskill, Zoran Popović
Online Instrumental Variable Regression with Applications to Online Linear System Identification PDF
Arun Venkatraman, Wen Sun, Martial Hebert, J. Andrew Bagnell, Byron Boots
The Hidden Convexity of Spectral Clustering PDF
James Voss, Mikhail Belkin, Luis Rademacher
Multitask Generalized Eigenvalue Program PDF
Boyu Wang, Joelle Pineau, Borja Balle
An Efficient Time Series Subsequence Pattern Mining and Prediction Framework with an Application to Respiratory Motion Prediction PDF
Shouyi Wang, Kinming Kam, Cao Xiao, Stephen Bowen, Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse
Scalable Completion of Nonnegative Matrix with Separable Structure PDF
Xiyu Yu, Wei Bian, Dacheng Tao

Technical Papers: Multiagent Systems

Detection of Plan Deviation in Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Bikramjit Banerjee, Steven Loscalzo, Daniel Lucas Thompson
Complexity of Shift Bribery in Committee Elections PDF
Robert Bredereck, Piotr Faliszewski, Rolf Niedermeier, Nimrod Talmon

Technical Papers: NLP and Knowledge Representation

Topic Concentration in Query Focused Summarization Datasets PDF
Tal Baumel, Raphael Cohen, Michael Elhadad
Complementing Semantic Roles with Temporally Anchored Spatial Knowledge: Crowdsourced Annotations and Experiments PDF
Alakananda Vempala, Eduardo Blanco

Technical Papers: NLP and Machine Learning

Joint Word Representation Learning Using a Corpus and a Semantic Lexicon PDF
Danushka Bollegala, Mohammed Alsuhaibani, Takanori Maehara, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
Listen, Attend, and Walk: Neural Mapping of Navigational Instructions to Action Sequences PDF
Hongyuan Mei, Mohit Bansal, Matthew R. Walter
Addressing a Question Answering Challenge by Combining Statistical Methods with Inductive Rule Learning and Reasoning PDF
Arindam Mitra, Chitta Baral
Evaluation of Semantic Dependency Labeling Across Domains PDF
Svetlana Stoyanchev, Amanda Stent, Srinivas Bangalore

Technical Papers: NLP and Text Mining

Collective Supervision of Topic Models for Predicting Surveys with Social Media PDF
Adrian Benton, Michael J. Paul, Braden Hancock, Mark Dredze
Distant IE by Bootstrapping Using Lists and Document Structure PDF
Lidong Bing, Mingyang Ling, Richard C. Wang, William W. Cohen

Technical Papers: Search and Constraint Satisfaction

Component Caching in Hybrid Domains with Piecewise Polynomial Densities PDF
Vaishak Belle, Guy Van den Broeck, Andrea Passerini

Technical Papers: Robotics

Distance Minimization for Reward Learning from Scored Trajectories PDF
Benjamin Burchfiel, Carlo Tomasi, Ronald Parr
Selectively Reactive Coordination for a Team of Robot Soccer Champions PDF
Juan Pablo Mendoza, Joydeep Biswas, Philip Cooksey, Richard Wang, Steven Klee, Danny Zhu, Manuela Veloso

Technical Papers: Vision

Are Elephants Bigger than Butterflies? Reasoning about Sizes of Objects PDF
Hessam Bagherinezhad, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Yejin Choi, Ali Farhadi
Labeling the Features Not the Samples: Efficient Video Classification with Minimal Supervision PDF
Marius Leordeanu, Alexandra Radu, Shumeet Baluja, Rahul Sukthankar
Articulated Pose Estimation Using Hierarchical Exemplar-Based Models PDF
Jiongxin Liu, Yinxiao Li, Peter Allen, Peter Belhumeur

Special Track: Cognitive Systems

Using Multiple Representations to Simultaneously Learn Computational Thinking and Middle School Science PDF
Satabdi Basu, Gautam Biswas, John S. Kinnebrew
Modeling Human Ad Hoc Coordination PDF
Peter M. Krafft, Chris L. Baker, Alex "Sandy" Pentland, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Predicting Readers' Sarcasm Understandability by Modeling Gaze Behavior PDF
Abhijit Mishra, Diptesh Kanojia, Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Modeling Human Understanding of Complex Intentional Action with a Bayesian Nonparametric Subgoal Model PDF
Ryo Nakahashi, Chris L. Baker, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Building End-To-End Dialogue Systems Using Generative Hierarchical Neural Network Models PDF
Iulian V. Serban, Alessandro Sordoni, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville, Joelle Pineau

Special Track: Computational Sustainability

Understanding City Traffic Dynamics Utilizing Sensor and Textual Observations PDF
Pramod Anantharam, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Surendra Marupudi, Amit Sheth, Tanvi Banerjee
An Axiomatic Framework for Ex-Ante Dynamic Pricing Mechanisms in Smart Grid PDF
Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Ramasuri Narayanam, Pratyush Kumar, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Vijay Arya, Iskandarbin Petra
Multi-Instance Multi-Label Class Discovery: A Computational Approach for Assessing Bird Biodiversity PDF
Forrest Briggs, Xiaoli Z. Fern, Raviv Raich, Matthew Betts
Understanding Dominant Factors for Precipitation over the Great Lakes Region PDF
Soumyadeep Chatterjee, Stefan Liess, Arindam Banerjee, Vipin Kumar
Intelligent Habitat Restoration Under Uncertainty PDF
Tommaso Urli, Jana Brotánková, Philip Kilby, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Transfer Learning from Deep Features for Remote Sensing and Poverty Mapping PDF
Michael Xie, Neal Jean, Marshall Burke, David Lobell, Stefano Ermon

Special Track: Integrated AI Capabilities

Bagging Ensembles for the Diagnosis and Prognostication of Alzheimer's Disease PDF
Peng Dai, Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Michael Bauer, Michael Borrie
Affective Personalization of a Social Robot Tutor for Children’s Second Language Skills PDF
Goren Gordon, Samuel Spaulding, Jacqueline Kory Westlund, Jin Joo Lee, Luke Plummer, Marayna Martinez, Madhurima Das, Cynthia Breazeal

EAAI Symposium Full Paper

Using Domain Knowledge to Improve Monte-Carlo Tree Search Performance in Parameterized Poker Squares PDF
Robert Arrington, Clay Langley, Steven Bogaerts
A Survey of Current Practice and Teaching of AI PDF
Michael Wollowski, Robert Selkowitz, Laura E. Brown, Ashok Goel, George Luger, Jim Marshall, Andrew Neel, Todd Neller, Peter Norvig

EAAI Symposium Poster Paper

IRobot: Teaching the Basics of Artificial Intelligence in High Schools PDF
Harald Burgsteiner, Martin Kandlhofer, Gerald Steinbauer
An Online Logic Programming Development Environment PDF
Christian Reotutar, Mbathio Diagne, Evgenii Balai, Edward Wertz, Peter Lee, Shao-Lon Yeh, Yuanlin Zhang

EAAI Symposium Model AI Assignments

Model AI Assignments 2016 PDF
Todd W. Neller, Laura E. Brown, James B. Marshall, Lisa Torrey, Nate Derbinsky, Andrew A. Ward, Thomas E. Allen, Judy Goldsmith, Nahom Muluneh

Student Abstracts

Abstraction Using Analysis of Subgames PDF
Anjon Basak
Robust Execution Strategies for Probabilistic Temporal Planning PDF
Sam Dietrich, Kyle Lund, James C. Boerkoel
Connecting the Dots Using Contextual Information Hidden in Text and Images PDF
Md Abdul Kader, Sheikh Motahar Naim, Arnold P. Boedihardjo, M. Shahriar Hossain
Human-Robot Trust and Cooperation Through a Game Theoretic Framework PDF
Erin Paeng, Jane Wu, James C. Boerkoel

Doctoral Consortium

Interactive Learning and Analogical Chaining for Moral and Commonsense Reasoning PDF
Joseph A. Blass
Machine Learning for Computational Psychology PDF
Sarah M. Brown

What's Hot Papers

What's Hot in Intelligent User Interfaces PDF
Shimei Pan, Oliver Brdiczka, Giuseppe Carenini, Duen Horng Chau, Per Ola Kristensson

Demonstration Papers

Artificial Intelligence for Predictive and Evidence Based Architecture Design PDF
Mehul Bhatt, Jakob Suchan, Carl Schultz, Vasiliki Kondyli, Saurabh Goyal
Predicting Gaming Related Properties from Twitter Accounts PDF
Maria Ivanova Gorinova, Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach, Alfredo Kalaitzis, Michael Fagan, Dean Carignan, Nitin Gautam
Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Analyze Function Properties from Images PDF
Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach, Ian Kash, Peter Key
Predicting Personal Traits from Facial Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks Augmented with Facial Landmark Information PDF
Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach, Sukrit Shankar, Antonio Criminisi
BBookX: Building Online Open Books for Personalized Learning PDF
Chen Liang, Shuting Wang, Zhaohui Wu, Kyle Williams, Bart Pursel, Benjamin Brautigam, Sherwyn Saul, Hannah Williams, Kyle Bowen, C. Lee Giles
An Image Analysis Environment for Species Identification of Food Contaminating Beetles PDF
Daniel Martin, Hongjian Ding, Leihong Wu, Howard Semey, Amy Barnes, Darryl Langley, Su Inn Park, Zhichao Liu, Weida Tong, Joshua Xu
WWDS APIs: Application Programming Interfaces for Efficient Manipulation of World WordNet Database Structure PDF
Hanumant Redkar, Sudha Bhingardive, Kevin Patel, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Neha Prabhugaonkar, Apurva Nagvenkar, Ramdas Karmali
SAPE: A System for Situation-Aware Public Security Evaluation PDF
Shu Wu, Qiang Liu, Ping Bai, Liang Wang, Tieniu Tan

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