Mabel: Extending Human Interaction and Robot Rescue Designs

Thomas Kollar, Jonathan Schmid, Eric Meisner, Micha Elsner, Diana Calarese, Chikita Purav, Chris Brown, Jenine Turner, Dasun Peramunage, Gautam Altekar, and Victoria Sweetser

Mabel (the Mobile Table) is a robotic system that can perform waypoint navigation, speech generation, speech recognition, natural language understanding, face finding, face following, nametag reading, and localization. Mabel can interact intelligently to give information about the conference to patrons. Major additions to this year’s design are Monte Carlo Localization, Filter-Cascade techniques for vision applications, and an improved robot search and rescue system using a 3D OpenGL mapping system. Mabel was the winner of the 2003 robot host event and tied for third place in the robot search and rescue event at IJCAI 2003 in Acapulco, Mexico.

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