GRACE: An Autonomous Robot for the AAAI Robot Challenge

Reid Simmons, Dani Goldberg, Adam Goode, Michael Montemerlo, Nicholas Roy, Brennan Sellner, Chris Urmson, Alan Schultz, Myriam Abramson, William Adams, Amin Atrash, Magda Bugajska, Michael Coblenz, Matt MacMahon, Dennis Perzanowski, Ian Horswill, Robert Zubek, David Kortenkamp, Bryn Wolfe, Tod Milam, and Bruce Maxwell

The AAAI Robot Challenge was established four years ago as a "grand challenge" for mobile robots. The main objectives of the Challenge are to (a) provide a task that will demonstrate a high level of intelligence and autonomy for robots acting in a natural, peopled, dynamic environment, (b) stimulate state-of-the-art robotics research to address this task, and (c) use robot demonstrations to educate the public about the exciting and difficult challenges of robotics research. The Challenge was designed as a problem that would probably need a decade to achieve adequately. When the challenge was designed, it was anticipated that no single research institution would have adequate resources to meet the Challenge on its own.

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