Generation and Execution of Partially Correct Plans in Dynamic Environments

Alessandro Farinelli, Giorgio Grisetti, Luca Iocchi, Daniele Nardi, and Riccardo Rosati

In this paper we present the recent developments of the approach to the design of Cognitive Robots (i.e. robots whose actions are driven by a formally developed theory of action), that are capable of performing tasks in a coordinated way. The logic of actions that we adopt is an epistemic dynamic logic, where it is possible to derive acyclic branching plans (branches corresponding to sensing actions), including primitive parallel actions. In the present work, we consider an extended notion of plan by admitting a simple class of cycles that arise from the attempt to recover from the failure states originated by sensing actions. The proposed extension allows us to address the problem of generating plans that handle a form of synchronization based on the recognition of specific situations through sensing actions, including forms of coordination required in a multi-robot scenario.

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