Adaptive Modeling

Ashok K. Goel

We describe a computational technique for functional modeling of physical devices. In this technique, functions and behaviors of a given device are derived by retrieving the structure-behavior-function (SBF) model of a structurally similar device and revising the retrieved model to meet the specifications of the given device. The SBF model of a device explicitly representsits structure, its functions, and its internal causal behaviors that specify how its structure delivers its functions. The model of the known device is revised by model-revision plans, where each plan accommodates a specific type of structural difference between the new and the known devices. The model ontology gives rise to a classification of structural differences and corresponding model-revision plans. The process of model revision is focused by the organization of the known model. The revised model for the new device is stored in memory for potential reuse in future. We call this computational process adaptive modeling.

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