A Compositional Modeling Language

Daniel Bobrow, Brian Falkenhainer, Adam Farquhar, Richard Fikes, Yumi Iwasaki, Kenneth Forbus, Thomas Gruber, Benjamin Kuipers

This document describes a compositional modeling language, CML, which is a general declarative modeling language for logically specifying the symbolic and mathematical properties of the structure and behavior of physical systems. CML is intended to facilitate model sharing between research groups, many of which have long been using similar languages. These languages are based primarily on the language originally defined by Qualitative Process theory [Forbus 1984] and include the languages used for the Qualitative Physics Compiler (QPC) [Crawford 1990; Farquhar 1993; Farquhar 1994], compositional model formulation [Falkenhainer 1991], and the Device Modeling Environment (DME) [Low and Iwasaki 1993]. CML is an attempt to synthesize and provide a clean redesign of these languages.

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