Adam Farquhar and Yumi Iwasaki

May 1996 marks the tenth anniversary of the first workshop on qualitative reasoning. That first workshop was hosted by the Qualitative Reasoning Group of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Over the last ten years, the field has grown and stimulated a broad range of research activities. For a few years, qualitative reasoning was the area with tho largest number of submissions to AAAI. Several books on qualitative reasoning, both in English and Japanese, have been published. Additional workshops on qualitative reasoning are now regularly held in conjunction with ECAI and UCAI. During the same ten years, the workshop has also changed its name from the Qualitative Physics workshop, to the International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems, and most recently to the International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning. These name changes reflect the community’s broadening interest in qualitative reasoning about non-physical domains.

This is also the first year that paper submission, reviewing, author notification, and workshop registration were handled almost entirely by electronic means. Although this turned out to be rather more difficult than we expected (the great thing about standards for attaching documents to e-mail messages is that there are so many to choose from), we believe it was an improvement over paper -- it certainly eliminated the need to handle a large amount of physical mail, and the World Wide Web simplified the task of information dissemination.

Despite all those changes, the workshop has retained its original character -- a meeting of a small group of fifty or so researchers to present and discuss the latest developments in the field in an informal and intimate atmosphere' The workshop attracts many high quality papers and continues to engage participants in rigorous discussions of the latest work in the field. Thus, it is our greatest pleasure to host the Tenth International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning at the Stanford Sierra Camp, Fallen Leaf Lake, California.

We would like to thank the program committee members for their effort in reviewing papers and help in planning the workshop. We would also like to acknowledge Ms. Grace Smith of the Knowledge Systems Laboratory as well as the graduate student volunteers for their assistance in preparing the workshop.

Financial support for this workshop was provided by the Knowledge Systems Laboratory, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

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