Inference of Edge Replacement Graph Grammars

Jacek Kukluk, , Lawrence B. Holder, Diane J. Cook

We describe an algorithm and experiments for inference of edge replacement graph grammars. This method generates candidate recursive graph grammar productions based on isomorphic subgraphs which overlap by two nodes. If there is no edge between the two overlapping nodes, the method generates a recursive graph grammar production with a virtual edge. We guide the search for the graph grammar using the size of a graph. We show experiments where we generate graphs from known graph grammars, use our method to infer the grammar from the generated graphs, and then measure the error between the original and inferred grammars. Experiments show that the method performs well on several types of grammars, and specifically that error decreases with increased numbers of unique labels in the graph.

Subjects: 1.10 Information Retrieval; 11. Knowledge Representation

Submitted: Jan 26, 2007

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