Text Beautifier: An Affective-Text Tool to Tailor Written Text

Fahim Kawsar, Mostafa Al Masum Shaikh, Ishizuka Mitsuru

We have spelling and grammar checking tools available on today’s word processors. But what they are missing is a tool that can recommend several possibilities of a given written sentence to assist a user to write better sentences. There-fore, we aim to develop a linguistic tool to beautify text by applying our developed lexical resources regarding textual affect sensing. The developed tool will allow a user to beau-tify an input sentence in terms of tuning it on different scales like valence, affect, prospect, and praise. For example using such a tool one may get the recommendations like, “Your lovely email makes me very glad”, or “I become glad to read your email”, or “I am very happy to obtain your nice email” for the input sentence “I am happy to receive your email” after scaling up the input sentence on affective, or prospective, or valence scale respectively. Such tool will be especially helpful to the non-native English speakers to write better English.

Subjects: 13. Natural Language Processing; 5. Common Sense Reasoning

Submitted: Apr 8, 2008

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