Reconciling Situation Calculus and Fluent Calculus

Stephan Schiffel and Michael Thielscher

The Situation Calculus and the Fluent Calculus are successful action formalisms that share many concepts. But until now there is no formal relation between the two calculi that would allow to formally analyze the relationship between the two approaches as well as between the programming languages based on them, Golog and FLUX. Furthermore, such a formal relation would allow to combine Golog and FLUXand to analyze which of the underlying computation principles is better suited for different classes of programs. We develop a formal translation between domain axiomatizations of the Situation Calculus and the Fluent Calculus and present a Fluent Calculus semantics for Golog programs. For domains with deterministic actions our approach allows an automatic translation of Golog domain descriptions and execution of Golog programs with FLUX.

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