FlexBot, Groo, Patton and Hamlet: Research Using Computer Games as a Platform

Aaron Khoo, Robin Hunicke, Greg Dunham, Nick Trienens, and Muon Van, Northwestern University

This paper describes four systems we intend to demonstrate at the AAAI-02 Conference. The first system is FlexBot, a software agent research platform built using the Half-Life game engine. The remaining three systems are research applications that were developed on top of the FlexBot architecture: (1) Groo -- an efficient bot constructed using behavior-based techniques. (2) Patton -- a system for monitoring and controlling bots through remote, possibly mobile, devices. (3) Hamlet -- the first part of a system for monitoring players and dynamically adjusting gameplay to promote dramatic/narrative immersion. This demonstration is designed to show FlexBot in action and to exhibit the flexibility, efficiency and overall ease with which the FlexBot architecture supports a variety of AI research tasks.

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