Disciple-RKF/COG: Agent Teaching by Subject Matter Experts

Mihai Boicu, George Mason University; Gheorghe Tecuci, George Mason University and US Army War College; Dorin Marcu, Bogdan Stanescu, Cristina Boicu, Catalin Balan, Marcel Barbulescu, and Xianjun Hao, George Mason University

Disciple-RKF/COG is a learning agent shell that can perform many knowledge engineering tasks, and can be used to develop knowledge based systems by subject matter experts, with limited assistance from knowledge engineers. The expert and the agent engage into a mixed-initiative reasoning process during which the expert is teaching the agent his problem solving expertise, and the agent learns from the expert, building, verifying, and improving its knowledge base. Disciple-RKF/COG is used in several courses at the US Army War College. In the "Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence" course the students teach personal Disciple agents their own reasoning in Center of Gravity analysis. In the "Case Studies in Center of Gravity Analysis" course, a Disciple agent that was taught the expertise of the course’s instructor helps the students to learn about center of gravity analysis, and to develop a case study analysis report.

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