AAAI-22 Workshop Program

The Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
February 28 and March 1, 2022
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

1900 Embarcadero Road, Suite 101
Palo Alto, California 94303
650-321-4457 (fax)

AAAI-22 Workshops


AAAI-22 Workshop Schedule

Monday, February 28, 2022

W1: Adversarial Machine Learning and Beyond
W2: AI for Agriculture and Food Systems (AIAFS)
W3: AI for Behavior Change
W4: AI for Decision Optimization
W5: AI for Transportation
W6: AI in Financial Services: Adaptiveness, Resilience & Governance
W7: AI to Accelerate Science and Engineering (AI2ASE)
W10: Artificial Intelligence for Education (AI4EDU)
W11: Artificial Intelligence Safety (SafeAI 2022)(1.5 Day)
W12: Artificial Intelligence with Biased or Scarce Data
W13: Combining Learning and Reasoning: Programming Languages, Formalisms, and Representations (CLeaR)
W14: Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG-AAAI’22)
W15: DE-FACTIFY :Multi-Modal Fake News and Hate-Speech Detection
W16: Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC10)
W18: Explainable Agency in Artificial Intelligence
W19: Graphs and More Complex Structures for Learning and Reasoning (GCLR)
W20: Health Intelligence (W3PHIAI-22)
W23: Information Theory for Deep Learning (IT4DL)
W24: Interactive Machine Learning
W26: Learning Network Architecture during Training
W28: Optimal Transport and Structured Data Modeling (OTSDM)
W29: Practical Deep Learning in the Wild (PracticalDL2022)
W30: Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence
W32: Reinforcement Learning in Games (RLG)
W33: Robust Artificial Intelligence System Assurance (RAISA) (Half-Day)
W35: Self-Supervised Learning for Audio and Speech Processing
W38: Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Engineering (TRASE-22)
W39: Video Transcript Understanding (Half-Day)

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

W8: AI-Based Design and Manufacturing (ADAM)
W9: Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security (AICS)
W16: Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC10)
W18: Explainable Agency in Artificial Intelligence
W17: Engineering Dependable and Secure Machine Learning Systems (EDSMLS 2022) (Half-Day)
W21: Human-Centric Self-Supervised Learning (HC-SSL)
W22: Information-Theoretic Methods for Causal Inference and Discovery (ITCI’22)
W25: Knowledge Discovery from Unstructured Data in Financial Services (Half-Day)
W27: Machine Learning for Operations Research (ML4OR) (Half-Day)
W31: Reinforcement Learning for Education: Opportunities and Challenges
W34: Scientific Document Understanding (SDU) (Half-Day)
W36: Trustable, Verifiable and Auditable Federated Learning
W37: Trustworthy AI for Healthcare


Important Dates for Workshop Organizers and Authors

  • November 12: Submissions due (unless noted otherwise)
  • December 3: Notification of acceptance (unless noted otherwise)
  • December 17: Early registration deadline
  • February 28 – March 1: AAAI-22 Workshop Program

Call for Participation

AAAI is pleased to present the AAAI-22 Workshop Program. Workshops will be held Monday and Tuesday, February 28 and March 1, 2022. The final schedule will be available in November. The AAAI-22 workshop program includes 39 workshops covering a wide range of topics in artificial intelligence. Workshops are one day unless otherwise noted in the individual descriptions. Registration in each workshop is required by all active participants, and is also open to all interested individuals. Workshop registration is available to AAAI-22 technical registrants at a discounted rate, or separately to workshop only registrants. Registration information will be mailed directly to all invited participants in December.

Submission Requirements

Submission requirements vary for each workshop. Submissions are due to the organizers on November 12, 2021 (please check individual workshop websites for extensions). Please submit your papers for review directly to the individual workshop according to their directions. Do not mail submissions to AAAI. Workshop organizers will notify submitters of acceptance by December 3, 2021. If the organizer is planning a formal publication, they will provide specific information about how to submit camera-ready copy. For further information about a workshop, please contact the chair of that workshop.


AAAI two-column format is often preferred, but not required, for workshop submissions. The AAAI 2022 Press author kit with style files, macros, and guidelines for this format is linked below. (Note that the 2022 author kit includes a AAAI copyright slug, which should be removed for workshop publications.)

AAAI Workshop Cochairs

Gita Sukthankar (University of Central Florida, USA)
Hang Su (Tsinghua University, China)

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