2019 Artificial Intelligence for Natural Disasters

Field Institute Co-Located with AAAI-19
January 26, 2019
Kilauea volcanic site, Hawaii County Emergency Response Facilities, and University of Hawaii Hilo


The goal of this workshop is to create a community around AI for understanding prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from natural disasters. The field institute is a unique opportunity where participants will have hands-on embedded “day in the life” experience following emergency responders as they plan, schedule, fly small unmanned aerial systems at the site of the recent Kilauea volcanic eruption, and process the computer vision imagery.

Robin Murphy, Texas A&M, Humanitarian Robotics and AI Laboratory
Yolanda Gil, USC Information Sciences Institute
Gwen Jacobs, University of Hawaii
Travis Mandel, University of Hawaii Hilo
David Merrick, Florida State University, Center for Disaster Risk Policy
Atlas Wang, Texas A&M

For more information and to register, consult the supplementary web page (http://ainaturaldisastersworkshop.crasar.org).

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