Vol 9, No 3

Fall 1988

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Keith Milliken, Klaus Rheinfurth, Vivienne Begg 15


Intelligent Computer-Aided Engineering PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus 23
Prose Generation from Expert Systems: An Applied Computational Linguistics Approach PDF
Perry Miller, Glenn Rennels 37
Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning: A Discussion of the Field and Gardner's Book PDF
Edwina Rissland 45
A Knowledge-Based Model of Audit Risk PDF
Vasant Dhar, Barry Lewis, James Peters 56
Minimaxing: Theory and Practice PDF
Hermann Kaindl 69
What AI Can Do for Battle Management: A Report of the First AAAI Workshop on AI Applications to Battle Management PDF
R. Peter Bonasso 77


Hitech Becomes First Computer Senior Master PDF
Hans J. Berliner 85

Book Reviews

Review of An AI Approach to Legal Reasoning PDF
Thomas C. Arciadiacono 90


Contributors PDF

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