Vol 9, No 1

Spring 1988

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
John Sotos, Daniel G. Bobrow, David J. Steele, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Bruce Boyer, Stanley Letovsky 7


Big Problems for Artificial Intelligence PDF
Jon Doyle 19
Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems PDF
Thomas J. Laffey, Preston A. Cox, James L. Schmidt, Simon M. Kao, Jackson Y. Readk 27
Approximate Processing in Real-Time Problem Solving PDF
Victor R. Lesser, Jasmina Pavlin, Edmund Durfee 49
What AI Practitioners Should Know about the Law Part One PDF
Steven J. Frank 63
New Mexico State University's Computing Research Laboratory PDF
Yorick Wilks, Rebecca Gomez 79
VT: An Expert Elevator Designer That Uses Knowledge-Based Backtracking PDF
Sandra Marcus, Jeffrey Stout, John McDermott 95


Concurrent Logic Programming, Metaprogramming, and Open Systems PDF
Kenneth M. Kahn 115
Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming PDF
Patrick Saint-Dizier 119

Book Reviews

Review of Expert Systems: Techniques, Tools, and Applications PDF
Bryan M. Kramer 123
Review of The Principles and Applications of Decision Analysis and Behavioral Research PDF
Jack Breese 124


AAAI 135
Contributors PDF

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