Vol 8, No 2

Summer 1987

Table of Contents


Viewing the History of Science as Compiled Hindsight PDF
Lindley Darden 33
Knowledge Acquisition in the Development of a Large Expert System PDF
David S. Prerau 43
The Problem of Extracting the Knowledge of Experts from the Perspective of Experimental Psychology PDF
Robert R. Hoffman 53
Checking a Knowledge-Based System for Consistency and Completeness PDF
Tin A. Nguyen, Walton A. Perkins, Thomas J. Laffey, Deanne Pecora 69
Artificial Intelligence Research in Australia -- A Profile PDF
Elizabeth Smith, John Whitelaw 77
Coupling Symbolic and Numerical Computing in Knowledge-Based Systems PDF
C. T. Kitzmiller, Janusz . S Kowalski 85


1987 DAI Workshop Report PDF
Les Gasser 91
Report on the First National Conference on Knowledge Representation and Inference in Sanskrit PDF
Rick Briggs 99

Book Reviews

Review of Artificial Intelligence and Psychiatry PDF
Lee A. Gladwin 101


Contributors PDF
AAAI 139
Index to AI Magazine Volume 7 (1986) PDF
AAAI 142

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