Vol 7, No 1

Spring 1986

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
A. Berman, Robert Rich, D. N. Meehan, Michael Sussna 25


The Next Knowledge Medium PDF
Mark Stefik 34
KBEmacs: Where's the AI? PDF
Richard C. Waters 47
I Had a Dream: AAAI Presidential Address PDF
Woody Bledsoe 57
Qualitative Reasoning for Financial Assessments: A Prospectus PDF
Peter E. Hart, Amos Barzilay, Richard O. Duda 62


The Center for Automation and Intelligent Systems Research, Case Western Reserve University PDF
Yo-Han Pao 69
The Advanced Computational Methods Center, University of Georgia PDF
Donald Nute, Michael Covington, Terry Rankin 74
East Texas State University PDF
Carey Benge 77

Book Reviews

Review of Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea PDF
John W. L. Ogilvie 86
Review of Heuristics: Intelligent Search Strategies for Computer Problem Solving PDF
Terry L. Rankin 87
Review of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Five Overviews PDF
Vernon Williams 89

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