Vol 6, No 3

Fall 1985

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Jack Mostow, William Katke, Derek Partridge, Phyllis Koton, Deborah Estrin, Sharon Gray, Rivka Ladin, Mike Eisenberg, Gavin Duffy, Bonnie Dorr, John Batali, David Levitt, Mark Shirley, Robert Giansiracusa, Fanya Montalvo, Kent Pitman, Ellen Golden, Bob Stone 48


Editorial PDF
Robert Engelmore 47


I Lied About the Trees, Or, Defaults and Definitions in Knowledge Representation PDF
Ronald J. Brachman 80
A Visit to the Tsukuba Science Exposition PDF
Thomas Marill 94
Intelligent Tools:The Cornerstone of a New Civilization PDF
Hassan Ghandchi, Jean Ghandchi 102
Evolving Systems of Knowledge PDF
N. S. Sridharan 108
The Dark Ages of AI: A Panel Discussion at AAAI-84 PDF
Drew McDermott, M. Mitchell Waldrop, B. Chandrasekaran, John McDermott, Roger Schank 122
Representativeness and Uncertainty in Classification Schemes PDF
Paul R. Cohen, Alvah Davis, David Day, Michael Greenberg, Rick Kjeldsen, Susan Lander, Cynthia Loiselle 136
Starting a Knowledge Engineering Project: A Step-By-Step Approach PDF
Michael Freiling, Jim Alexande, Steve Messick, Stefe Rehfuss, Sherri Shulman 150
Differing Methodological Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence Research PDF
Rogers P. Hall, Dennis F. Kibler 166
The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence: Learning to Learn PDF
Peter Bock 180
The History of Artificial Intelligence at Rutgers PDF
Saul Amarel 192
Robot, Eye, and ROI: Technology Transformation Versus Technology Transfer PDF
Earl Sacerdoti 204


Artificial Intelligence Research at the University of California, Los Angeles PDF
Michael G. Dyer 210
Artificial Intelligence Research at General Electric PDF
Larry Sweet 220
Artificial Intelligence at MITRE PDF
Joseph L. Katz 228

Book Reviews

Review of "Report on the 1984 Distributed Artificial Intelligence Workshop PDF
Reid G. Smith 234


AAAI 254

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