Vol 3, No 2

Summer 1982

Table of Contents


In Memoriam: John G. Gaschnig PDF
Nils J. Nilsson 2


Expert Systems: Where Are We? And Where Do We Go from Here? PDF
Randall Davis 3
Signal-to-Symbol Transformation: HASP/SIAP Case Study PDF
H. Penny Nii, Edward A. Feigenbaum, John J. Anton 23


Artificial Intelligence Research at Rutgers PDF
A. J. Rockmore, Tom M. Mitchell 36
AI Research at Bolt, Beranek & Newman, Inc. PDF
Madeleine Bates 44
Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Methodology PDF
Jaime G. Carbonell, Derek Sleeman 47
Learning from Solution Paths: An Approach to the Credit Assignment Problem PDF
Derek Sleeman, Pat Langley, Tom M. Mitchell 48

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