Vol 22, No 4

Winter 2001

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent User Interfaces PDF
James Lester 13


Collagen: Applying Collaborative Discourse Theory to Human-Computer Interaction PDF
Charles Rich, Candace L. Sidner, Neal Lesh 15
Toward Conversational Human-Computer Interaction PDF
James F. Allen, Donna K. Byron, Myroslava Dzikovska, George Ferguson, Lucian Galescu, Amanda Stent 27
Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Conversational Dialogue PDF
Arthur C. Graesser, Kurt VanLehn, Carolyn P. Rose, Pamela W. Jordan, Derek Harter 39
Controlling the Behavior of Animated Presentation Agents in the Interface: Scripting versus Instructing PDF
Elisabeth Andre, Thomas Rist 53
Embodied Conversational Agents: Representation and Intelligence in User Interfaces PDF
Justine Cassell 67
Pedagogical Agent Research at CARTE PDF
W. Lewis Johnson 85
Interface Agents in Model World Environments PDF
Robert St. Amant, R. Michael Young 95
Agent-Centered Search PDF
Sven Koenig 109
On the Origin of Environments by Means of Natural Selection PDF
Moshe Sipper 133

Book Reviews

It Does So: Review of The Mind Doesn't Work That Way: The Scope and Limits of Computational Psychology PDF
Eric Dietrich 141
Machine Learning and Light Relief: A Review of Truth from Trash PDF
Jean Hayes Michie 145
Reasoning about Rational Agents: A Review PDF
Shlomo Zilberstein 146


Carol M. Hamilton 6

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