Vol 20, No 3

Fall 1999

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
David B. Leake 12


AAAI-98 Presidential Address: The Importance of Importance PDF
David Waltz 18
Machine Learning, Machine Vision, and the Brain PDF
Tomaso Poggio, Christian R. Shelton 37
When and Where Will AI Meet Robotics? Issues in Representation PDF
Ruzena Bajscy, Edward W. Large 57
AI in Medicine: The Spectrum of Challenges from Managed Care to Molecular Medicine PDF
Russ B. Altman 67
Automated Learning and Discovery State-of-the-Art and Research Topics in a Rapidly Growing Field PDF
Sebastian Thrun, Christos Faloutsos, Tom Mitchell, Larry Wasserman 78


The AAAI Spring Symposia PDF
Nancy Green, Jennifer Chu-Carroll, David Kortenkamp, Alan Schultz, Michael H. Coen, Dragomir R. Radev, Eduard Hovy, Peter Haddawy, Steve Hanks, Eugene Freuder, Charlie Ortiz, Sandip Sen 83
Reports on the AAAI Fall Symposia PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Marie desJardins, Dolores Canamero, Glenn Wasson, Michael Littman, Gerard Allwein, Kim Marriott, Bernd Meyer, Barbara Webb, Tom Consi 87

Book Reviews

A Review of Nonmonotonic Reasoning PDF
Simon Parsons 90
A Review of Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind PDF
Bonnie Holte Bennett 92


Carol Hamilton 5
Calendar of Events PDF

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