Vol 1, No 1

Fall 1980

Table of Contents


Welcome to AI Magazine PDF
Alan M. Thompson 1
AAAI President's Message PDF
Allen Newell 1


Natural Language Understanding PDF
Avron Barr 5
Utterance and Objective: Issues in Natural Language Communication PDF
Barbara J. Grosz 11


Research in Progress at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory PDF
Berthold K. P. Horn, David Marr, John Hollerbach, Gerald J. Sussman, Patrick H. Winston, Randall Davis, Marvin L. Minsky 21
Research in Progress at the Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California PDF
Robert Balzer, Lee Erman, Martin Feather, Neil Goldman, Philip London, David Wile, David Wilczynski, Robert Lingard, William Mark, William Mann, James Moore, Mel Pirtle, David Dyer, William Rizzi, Danny Cohen, Jeff Barnett, Iris Kameny, Yechiam Yemini 22
The Stanford Heuristic Programming Project: Goals and Activities PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan, Edward A. Feigenbaum 25
Research In Progress at the Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International PDF
Peter Hart, Earl Sacerdoti, Charles Untulis 30

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