Vol 18, No 3

Fall 1997

Table of Contents


Does Machine Learning Really Work? PDF
Tom M. Mitchell 11
Logic and Databases Past, Present, and Future PDF
Jack Minker 21
Artificial Intelligence: Realizing the Ultimate Promises of Computing PDF
David L. Waltz 49
The State of the Art in Ontology Design: A Survey and Comparative Review PDF
Natalya Fridman Noy, Carole D. Hafner 53


Intelligent Adaptive Agents: A Highlight of the Field and the AAAI-96 Workshop PDF
Ibrahim F. Imam, Yves Kodratoff 75
AAAI 1997 Spring Symposium Reports PDF
Brian R. Gaines, Mark A. Musen, Ramasamy Uthurusamy, Susan Haller, Susan McRoy, Douglas Oard, David Hull, Alexander Hauptmann, Michael Witbrock, Kevin Mahesh, Adam Farquhar, Michael Gruninger, Jon R. Doyle, Richard H. Thomason 81
The Fifth International Conference on User Modeling PDF
David N. Chin 85
AAAI-96 Workshop on Internet-Based Information Systems PDF
Alexander Franz 86
AAAI-96 Workshop on Agent Modeling PDF
Milind Tambe, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz 87
The Sixth International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning PDF
Moises Goldszmidt, Vladimir Lifschitz 89


Carol Hamilton 5
Independent Auditor's Report PDF
Robert H. Burnham 8
Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 103


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 95
On the Other Hand ... Cognitive Prostheses PDF
Kenneth M. Ford, Clark Glymour, Patrick J. Hayes 104

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