Vol 18, No 2

Summer 1997

Table of Contents


An Introduction to this Special Issue of AI Magazine PDF
Oren Etzioni 9


Moving Up the Information Food Chain: Deploying Softbots on the World Wide Web PDF
Oren Etzioni 11
SAVVYSEARCH: A Metasearch Engine That Learns Which Search Engines to Query PDF
Adele E. Howe, Daniel Dreilinger 19
The Hidden Web PDF
Henry Kautz, Bart Selman, Mehul Shah 27
LIFESTYLE FINDER: Intelligent User Profiling Using Large-Scale Demographic Data PDF
Bruce Krulwich 37
Learning Probabilistic User Profiles: Applications for Finding Interesting Web Sites, Notifying Users of Relevant Changes to Web Pages, and Locating Grant Opportunities PDF
Mark Ackerman, Daniel Billsus, Scott Gaffney, Gordon Khoo, Seth Hettich, Dong Joon Kim, Ray Klefstad, Charles Lowe, Alexius Ludeman, Jack Muramatsu, Kazuo Omori, Michael J. Pazzani, Douglas Semler, Brian Starr, Paul Yap 47
Question Answering from Frequently Asked Question Files: Experiences with the FAQ FINDER System PDF
Robin D. Burke, Kristian J. Hammond, Vladimir Kulyukin, Steven L. Lytinen, Noriko Tomuro, Scott Schoenberg 57
Refinement Planning as a Unifying Framework for Plan Synthesis PDF
Subbarao Kambhampati 67
Artificial Intelligence: What Works and What Doesn't? PDF
Frederick Hayes-Roth 99


Worldwide Perspectives and Trends in Expert Systems: An Analysis Based on the Three World Congresses on Expert Systems PDF
Jay Liebowitz 115

Book Reviews

A Review of Sketches of Thought PDF
Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran 120
Talking Heads: A Review of Speaking Minds: Interviews with Twenty Eminent Cognitive Scientists PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford 123


Carol Hamilton 5


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 127
On the Other Hand PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford 136

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