Vol 16, No 1

Spring 1995

Table of Contents


The Simon Newcomb Awards PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford 11
Intelligent Agents for Interactive Simulation Environments PDF
Milind Tambe, W. Lewis Johnson, Randolph M. Jones, Frank Koss, John E. Laird, Paul S. Rosenbloom, Karl Schwamb 15
The VLS Tech-Assist Expert System PDF
Robert A. Small, Bryan Yoshimoto 41
Countrywide Loan-Underwriting Expert System PDF
Houman Talebzadeh, Sanda Mandutianu, Christian F. Winner 51
Applying Case-Based Reasoning to Manufacturing PDF
David Hinkle, Christopher Toomey 65
Routine Design for Mechanical Engineering PDF
Axel Brinkop, Norbert Laudwein, Rudiger Maasen 74


1994 Fall Symposium Series Reports PDF
Using Knowledge in Its Context: Report on the IJCAI-93 Workshop PDF
Patrick Brezillon, Suhayya Abu-Hakima 87


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 93

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